In the City
Food & Shopping

There are more than 500 shops in the whole town: shops for all looks, restaurants for all tastes as well as pizzerias, ice cream shops, traditional and innovative bars where you can enjoy staying together and having fun from breakfast until late at night.

At the Beach
Games and sports

Lovers of beach volleyball, beach tennis and beach soccer don’t need to worry about finding courts available. Nets and goals for a match are provided free of charge in many areas on the beach. Those who prefer to take it easier can always play bocce (bowls), an ancient beach pastime that is great for all ages. Along the seaside you can practice surf-casting, a special kind of fishing done with rods that can cast a line and sinker many metres from the shore. Then there is a multitude of free activities you can participate in, energetic Nordic Walking being only one.

In the water
Sports in the blue

Those who love a salty breeze won’t be able to resist the call of a surfboard or SUP or even a sailboat. Others may prefer to choose a kayak or a canoe to discover the charming waterways of the Bibione Lagoon. Then, aside from swimming, with courses held for adults and children, one can be more daring and experience the excitement of water skiing and paragliding, flying over the waves.
There are still others, however, who aren’t satisfied with what they see on the surface. They want more: they want to discover the seabed and its secrets. Thanks to scuba diving, you can experience the wonderful underwater world of Bibione by swimming in the “Bibione e il Mare” (Bibione and the Sea) marine park, available by signing up for guided excursions (for more information, visit

In the open air
Dialogue with nature

The many nature trails along the seashore of Bibione are ideal places to walk or go jogging, perhaps early in the morning when the only sounds are your breath, the beating of your heart, the surf or the birdsong. There’s more, too. Horse riding is another way to make wonderful contact with nature: a ride along the cove of the Tagliamento River can truly take you away from your daily routine. And you can get away on a bicycle along the more than 50 km of biking trails or the greens of the golf course. Finally, for fitness enthusiasts and fans of Latin-American dancing, the packed calendar put together by the entertainment staff offers many moments of guaranteed fun, absolutely free.