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City Archaeological Museum

City Archaeological Museum

Concordia Saggittaria

Since 1987, in the city centre of Concordia Sagittaria, you can visit the City Archaeological Museum, which shows the reason for the city’s name and displays vestiges of an ancient Roman colony.
Currently housed in the city library, this is a small collection where you can see a remarkable array of prehistoric finds, both Roman and Paleochristian, largely coming from the necropolis of Concordia. We should point out, in particular, the stems, inscriptions and funeral urns from the Roman Age, the remains of flooring and an original solar clock.
In Concordia Sagittaria, the old Iulia Concordia, in addition to the museum, you should visit the Cathedral of Saint Stephen, the bridge and the Roman walls, the sarcophagus, the baptistry and other monuments of notable historical interest.

Admission: free. Guided tours can be arranged.

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Via Roma, 55, Concordia Sagittaria, 30023 VE, Italia


Tel. +39 421270360