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Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic Museum

Fossalta di Portogruaro

A short walk from the Cultural Centre you will also find the Ethnographic Museum/strong>, founded in 1990, which celebrates the popular traditions and history of the city. This museum, located near an abandoned art school, offers a faithful reconstruction of the old homes from the early 1900s. The museum was created due to research by a committee of citizens interested in Fossalta’s origins and traditions. Its portico, underground passageway and the rooms of the house display belongings characteristic of daily life of that era. The inner rooms are devoted to the professions, from the stonemason to the tailor to the barber, as well as children’s toys and military life. Everything is enhanced by an exciting photographic collection.

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Viale Venezia, 21, Fossalta di Portogruaro, VE, Italia


Tel. +39 349 0924900