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Bibione: a holiday in tune with nature

Bibione: a holiday in tune with nature

Welcome to a place that cherishes the environment, embraces nature and celebrates genuine experiences. A destination where environmental preservation is prioritised to provide an authentic and unforgettable holiday.

Embark on a slow and eco-sustainable journey that goes beyond passing trends.

In Bibione, sustainability is not just a fleeting fad but a long-term commitment to safeguarding the environment. From clean beaches to eco-conscious accommodation, Bibione offers an authentic experience that respects the environment and makes a positive contribution to the whole community.

A holiday, green style

Bibione offers environmentally sustainable tourism and more, because it was the first tourist area in Europe to get EMAS Environmental certification by adopting strict policies for environmental stewardship, and because the carnet for its tourist offering is broad and diversified. In addition to nature, there is also the Mediterranean Garden on the seashore and the organically cultivated city parks.

Birdwatching excitement

Bibione means wonderful landscapes with different characters that are perfect for fans of birdwatching; the island’s different habitats provide a paradise for various species of animals: pine forests, estuaries, countryside, wetlands, ponds and sandy dunes are home to a countless variety of amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds that nest here. The lagoon environs and the natural area around the lighthouse should certainly not be missed.

Small votive churches and millennial traditions

Bibione also offer historical excursions rich with culture and tradition. Its inland areas provide itineraries where you can discover Venetian villas, Roman archaeological destination, abbeys, Medieval villages, wineries where you can sample not just wines but also sliced meats and cheeses from local dairies. Bibione also provides food and wine initiatives out of a desire to share the discovery of ancient flavours of Venetian culinary culture.


The natural area around the lighthouse

Where the river waters flow back into the Adriatic Sea, there is an area of unexpected beauty. You can find it in the SIC lists of destination of community interest and in the ZPS special protection areas, because it is right along migratory routes for wild birds. It is, without a doubt, the most significant natural environment in Eastern Veneto and should be viewed as a unique fabric whose different habitats – forests, dunes, wetlands, river, cane thickets and beach – form an invaluable tapestry. Beginning with the natural wooded area over the dunes where Austrian black pines and holm oaks grow. Following the interior road, one notices how the dense forest yields to open spaces, often moist ones where, depending on the season, the colours change shades with different growths of flowers. The animal life here is rich with rather rare species that can be hard to catch sight of, like the Hermann’s tortoise and the agile frog; with a bit of luck you can spy the elegant curlew, the colourful bee-eater, the hoopoe, the kingfisher with its unmistakeable turquoise plumage, the sea swallow, or the red woodpecker with its distinctive rapping on the trees.


A green destination that has always been certified

Bibione was the first tourist area in Europe to obtainEMAS Environmental Certification in 2002.Having kept this certification and renewed it for more than a decade attests to the constant effort taken by everyone to improve and safeguard the environmental and land quality of the area.
It speaks of the development and encouragement of recognised management policies that have won prizes from FEE, which gave Bibione its 32nd Blue Flag in 2023.