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Marika Celant

Marika Celant

Specialized kinesiology

Qualified yoga teacher, practitioner and kinesiology consultant for professional development, international instructor Touch for Health, professional dog educator.

During the summer she proposes:

SPECIALIZED KINESIOLOGY – Professional training courses and individual treatments.
The kinesiological approach, which works for positive objectives, focusing on well-being and how to maintain it, rather than on the disease, allows people who receive kinesiological treatments to have great improvements in various pathologies while not working directly on them; with Specialized Kinesiology improvements and benefits are obtained in the following areas: stress management, self-esteem, development of one’s abilities, interpersonal relationships, self-knowledge, study and memory, intellectual and working resources, serenity, good mood, vital energy, physical, emotional and mental, sporting and artistic activities.

  • at the Club Beverly Hill tennis centre, via Capricorno Est 2

DOG EDUCATOR EXPERT IN VETERINARY FEEDING – small but essential tricks to achieve perfect coexistence with our dog.
The task of the dog educator is to interact with the dog and its owner, to teach people who own a dog to place it adequately in the family and social context. With specialized kinesiology, it is possible to work well in the following areas: food intolerances and allergies, diabetes, dermatitis, bad breath, dental problems (tartar), heart, kidney, joint problems, dull hair, tumours, dandruff, dysplasia, arthrosis/arthritis and many others.

  • at the Club Beverly Hill tennis centre, via Capricorno Est 2
  • home


  • at the Hotel Firenze, via Pegaso 22
  • at the Aloha Watersports Center, facing via Pegaso. (In case of rough seas, the lesson is held at the Hotel Firenze, via Pegaso 22)


  • at the Club Beverly Hill tennis centre, via Capricorno Est 2, with individual lessons and group lessons.
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Tel. +39 3486042232

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