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The Lagoon

Discover the beauty of the Bibione Lagoon: a captivating setting of unspoilt nature and unforgettable emotions.

A paradise of biodiversity

Surrounded by 5 Aquae (Five Waters), Bibione is a real ‘treasure island’ in terms of nature, because it can offer spaces that seem endless. Mazes of salt marshes, shallows and cane thickets, as well as a paradise of biodiversity where it isn’t difficult to spot grey herons and pink flamingos.

Follow your instinct

Find the itinerary that will lead you to the hidden wonders of the Bibione Lagoon. Immerse yourself in unspoiled nature and be amazed by the unique landscapes that await you at every turn.

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La Brussa and Vallevecchia

Imagine yourself walking amidst the majestic pine forests, listening to the wind rustling through the branches and inhaling the pristine air that envelops these places. Here you will find an idyllic oasis of tranquillity where the beauty of the paths and the abundance of flora and fauna will captivate you. La Brussa and Vallevecchia are hidden corners that will mesmerise you with their authenticity, providing an unforgettable encounter with nature.

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Venetian coastline and the Casoni (Huts) of Prati Nuovi

Embark on a fascinating voyage through the untouched splendour of nature as you visit the charming Casoni of Prati Nuovi and the magnificent Venetian coastline. Immerse yourself in enchanting landscapes, breathe in the pristine air and let the tranquillity of the surroundings envelop you. With its dunes, golden beaches and crystal-clear sea that seamlessly merges with the horizon, you will enjoy an authentic experience enveloped by the magic of a past steeped in history.

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