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Who is Aba

Who is Aba

L’Associazione Bibionese albergatori si distingue per l’eccellenza nell’accoglienza e nell’ospitalità, offrendo ai visitatori un’esperienza indimenticabile, caratterizzata da servizi di alta qualità.

The Bibione Hoteliers Association: excellent quality hospitality and reception.

Founded in 1967, ABA (Associazione Bibionese Albergatori or Bibione Hoteliers Association) encompasses all the accommodation offerings of this tourist area which, with 101 associated facilities, offers more than 11,000 beds in various categories such as hotels, ApartHotels, B&Bs, residences, holiday villages and camp destination.

The ABA, through its own travel agency, ABA Viaggi e Vacanze (ABA Travel and Holidays), can ensure that tourists, travel agents and tour operators have complete tourist information relevant to this resort. Thanks to its associated facilities, it can provide a response in real time regarding hotel availability. Long a leader in tourist reception, ABA was the first association to offer an optional insurance policy to guarantee its hotel guests a carefree stay with protection from unforeseen events. ABA also promotes its Product Clubs for specific subsets of tourists: families, mountain bikers, hikers, animal lovers, and those interested in taking cures at Bibione’s Thermal Baths.

The Association is non-political and non-partisan, and it is not for profit, nor is it operated for proprietary interests. Its offices are at Corso del Sole, n. 6 in Bibione di San Michele al Tagliamento. Tel.+39 0431 430101 – fax. + 39 0431.439939

Purpose and by-laws

a) to coordinate the activities of individual hoteliers in the Bibione area;
b) to ensure the protection of the interests of its members, which are represented in every field and in every practice related to the hotel category;
c) to provide assistance to its members, including in the form of simple advice, including individual requests and all instances of requests; also to process data of any kind for its members, including through the institution and management of electronic centres for such operations;
d) to stipulate and renew supplementary work contracts related to liaisons with the corresponding Trade Unions and Workers;
e) to mediate in relations with Authorities, Entities and financial and trade Organisations in the general interest of hotelkeeping activities;
f) to promote and encourage initiatives that may, directly or indirectly, benefit the development of tourism and hotelkeeping activities by providing tourist assistance and information, supporting demonstrations and promotional activities for the area in the interests of its member companies, possibly also by collaborating with other Entities, Associations and Organisations; g) to inform its members adequately about laws, regulations, regulatory newsletters and dispositions regarding hotelkeeping activities and tourism;
h) to encourage the creation of tourism awareness in the Bibione district, stimulating the atmosphere of understanding, consideration and solidarity we need to more effectively support tourism;
i) to plan and implement measures to strengthen the affection and trust that current tourists feel for the Bibione area, guiding our members’ businesses with appropriate information;
j) to join agencies and companies and to form companies, consortia and the like whose goals include developing and increasing tourist traffic, providing services or constructing buildings, systems and other physical structures for tourism.

All companies classified as “hotel accommodation facilities” by national and regional regulations can become members of our Association, including companies referred to above that are not located in the geographical area that our Association covers if they are nearby, in cases when they are located in a resort, town or province where a trade association belonging to Federalberghi (the Federation of Italian Hotel and Tourist Associations) is not present.

Other entrepreneurial subjects active in managing hospitality facilities can also participate in our Association even if they are not classified as falling within the hotel industry: these subjects can join as aggregate members without the right to vote.

Our association established ABA Servizi s. Coop. CARL, a company with the objective of providing all services, including those of a commercial nature, useful in the development and assistance of our members’activities.
The Chairman and the Board of Directors of ABA are the same as those of ABA Servizi, so that the two institutions can act in synergy and take all decisions in an integrated way.