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Bibione 4 Charity

Bibione 4 Charity

A party to spread smiles where they are needed

Bibione 4 Charity is the charity event organised annually by the Comitato Bibionese Giovani Albergatori (Bibione Young Hoteliers’ Committee) under the patronage of ABA (Bibione Hoteliers’ Association) and the Municipality of San Michele al Tagliamento.


Live Music Party

The original idea for Bibione 4 Charity originated with the “Amatriciana Day” evening on 1 September 2018, organised by all the associations in Bibione to support the areas affected by the earthquake in Amatrice on August 24, 2018. Given the great success of that evening, the group of Young Hoteliers of Bibione decided to make the event a regular fixture in the Bibione summer calendar, thus creating the Bibione 4 Charity event.

The highlight of the evening is the Live Music Party featuring a performance by ABSOLUTE5, one of the most acclaimed cover bands in the Italian party band scene, with over 1000 concerts performed nationwide.

At Bibione4Charity, the bands perform for free, contributing to the charitable cause.



During the evening, the Young Hoteliers’ Stand offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, helping to replenish fluids lost during the wild dancing!

The presence of the Re della Mandorla Stand, with its sweets, and the sale of gadgets from the locality, contribute to making the evening even more enjoyable.

The entire proceeds of the evening will be donated to a charity project carried out by local voluntary associations.


The nonprofit promotional association VOLO LIBERO

established in 2014, is a non-profit Social Promotion Association based in the municipality of San Polo di Piave (TV) and operates with the aim of carrying out activities and initiatives in the field of social promotion and prevention of psycho-physical, family and social discomfort, as well as social inclusion.

The nonprofit association OLTRE L'INDIFFERENZA

founded in 1998, offers educational and recreational opportunities for people with disabilities by working on the skills, autonomy and self-determination of the person involved. In a first phase, from 1998 to 2016, the association organised outings in the area on Sunday afternoons to guarantee opportunities for leisure, relaxation and fun for the person with disabilities and, at the same time, relief for the family and caregivers. Since 2016, Villa Alba in the municipality of Fontanelle (TV) has been chosen as the location for the association’s educational activities.



The Bibione Young Hoteliers Group comprises of the under-40 family members of the owners and managers of hotel facilities who are members of the ABA.

The Bibione Young Hoteliers Committee promotes the professional growth of young entrepreneurs, supporting their affirmation in social and institutional spheres, promotes and implements initiatives to support the activities of the Association itself and in particular of the Young Hoteliers.