Biking is best

Nothing is better than a bicycle for discovering Bibione. You can do this by staying at one of the Bike Hotels, places that are cyclist-friendly, providing you with customised hospitality: from generous breakfasts to athletic menus, from covered rooms with equipment to materials for making minor repairs, from guided tours to specific guides with itineraries and routes.

We thought of everything

Don’t have a bike? No problem! Just ask at your hotel’s reception desk to use the bicycles made available free to guests: many hotels also have child seats, helmets and children’s bikes. Or you can rent a bicycle from one of the many shops throughout Bibione.

A holiday that respects the environment

Visiting a resort and moving slowly allows you to discover places that are invisible to those who skim past on any other vehicle. Get on your bike…and explore hidden corners, thousand-year waterways and uncontaminated nature, breathing in the scents of the sea and the pine trees. We present for you a few itineraries with a view to ecology and vitality.

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Venetian coastline and the casoni of Prati Nuovi


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