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Holm Oak Forest route

Holm Oak Forest route

Holm Oak Forest route: a striking itinerary for exploring an original forest of great environmental significance, to be experienced on foot or on a bicycle. The path, either dirtor packed earth, isn’t difficult, so it is suitable for all kinds of cycles and both experts and families with children. An almost unexpected spot of nature in the heart of the Venetian shore: Taking Via Brenta, the route splits into two paths that both reach Via delle Nazioni. Crossing small wooden bridges, you can see maritime pines, oaks, holm oaks, primulas, wild asparagus, heather and a typical pond. Many varieties of orchids can be found, such as the green-winged orchid, the spotted orchid and the twayblade orchid. There’s more, too. The area is important for the presence of Fairy Linen, whose range is limited to sandy coastal areas; identifying it is easy because of its long, feathery, silver aristas.




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