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Brussa and ValleVecchia

Brussa and ValleVecchia

Over dirt and paved roads, through small towns like Lugugnana, Brussa and Castello di Brussa, this itinerary runs from Bibione to the Brussa natural area and the protected lagoon area of ValleVecchia and is suitable for cyclists at all levels. The only caution is to be very careful on the provincial road to Lugugnana and to avoid the hottest hours of the day during the summer months.

This will immerse you in the peacefulness of the countryside and the wonders of nature. ValleVecchia, which American writer Ernest Hemingway describes in his book Across the River and into the Trees, is an island whose sandy banks retain most of their natural integrity thanks to the presence of a major coastal dune system. The natural importance of ValleVecchia lies in it being one of the largest tracts of undeveloped beach in the Upper Adriatic; it is one of the few places where you can still observe the native fauna of a sandy riverside and many unique features due to a special geographical position that makes it a kind of ‘middle land’ between east and west.

Birdwatchers have counted more than 150 species of birds here: it is a kind of open-air bird and wildlife sanctuary where it is easy to spot swans, herons, hawks, black-winged stilts and all kinds of ducks.

On your way there and back, you can try the local food and wine specialities at the welcoming taverns, cafes and inns between Brussa and ValleVecchia.




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