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Tagliamento tour

Tagliamento tour

The Tagliamento tour is the bicycle route starting at the Bibione Lighthouse and travelling to San Michele al Tagliamento and continuing to the village of Alvisopoli.

You can revel in uncontaminated nature among green meadows crossed by steep paths that climb the banks of the Tagliamento River. The vegetation shows the meeting of the Continental climate and the Mediterranean one, with alders, ferns and white willows.

In the riverine environment, between the duckweed and the swamp reeds, you can observe waterfowl like the moorhen and the mallard.

Suitable for expert cyclists with mountain bikes and, keeping in mind our advice to avoid the hottest hours during the summer months, it can be used year-round and is an excellent way to discover Bibione’s inland areas.




Less than half a day


36 km