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Bibione guarda all’Avvenire 2023 – XVII Edizione

Bibione guarda all’Avvenire 2023 – XVII Edizione

Concerts, theatre performances and meetings organized by the Parish of Santa Maria Assunta


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Tue 16 May


Sat 9 Sep



Different places

Rich calendar of cultural events in Bibione also in 2023 in the large billboard of “Bibione guarda all’Avvenire 2023 – XVII Edition” (=Bibione looks to the future): the Parish of Santa Maria Assunta in Bibione offers concertstheatrical performances and meetings at various places in the seaside resort with a single Leitmotiv“Fraternità: crocevia di incontri” (=Fraternity: crossroads of encounters).

Here is the calendar of all musical events, at the Parish Church starting at 9.15 pm (unless otherwise specified):

  • from Tuesday, 16 to Friday, 19 May – International Organ Competition “Rino Benedet”
  • Saturday, 27 May – X International Organ Festival “Città di Bibione”, with M° Raimondo Mazzon (San Donà di Piave) and the winner of B Cat. Of the Organ Competition, in the frame of the Organ Festival 2023
  • Tuesday, 6 June – Organ concert with M° Daniele Toffolo (Concordia Sagittaria), in the frame of the Organ Festival 2023
  • Tuesday, 20 June – Organ concert with M° Antonio Colasurdo (Campobasso), in the frame of the Organ Festival 2023
  • Wednesday, 28 June, RTA Santo Stefano (Via delle Colonie) – Concert with gospel music with “The Colours of Gospel”
  • Tuesday, 4 July – Concert with the choir and orchestra “Città di Portogruaro”, conductor M° Tommaso Dionis
  • Monday, 17 July, RTA Santo Stefano (Via delle Colonie) – Concert with gospel music with “The Colours of Gospel”
  • Tuesday, 25 July – Concert for choir and organ with the choir “Natissa” from Aquileia, Cristiano Zampar at the horn, Giacomo Bonutti, playing organ. Conductor M° Luca Bonutti, in the frame of the Organ Festival 2023
  • Tuesday, 22 August – Concert of the “l’Appassionata Ensemble”, with music by Vivaldi. The concert is organized in the frame of the 41st edition of the International Music Festival of Portogruaro
  • Tuesday, 5 September – Organ concert with M° Giovanni Feltrin (Treviso), in the frame of the Organ Festival 2023

These are instead the theatrical performances, at the Parish Church starting at 9.15 pm:

  • Tuesday, 27 June – “Bulli di sapone” (= soap bullies), with the Association ArtiVarti from Portogruaro (Ve)
  • Tuesday, 18 July – “Charles de Foucauld, universal brother”, with the AIRCAC Company
  • Monday, 31 July – “Francesco”, with Jobel theatre group
  • Saturday, 12 August – “La forza dei sogni” (=the power of dreams) with the Cultural Association GardArt from Peschiera del Garda (VR)
  • Monday, 28 August – “Tutti su per Terra” (=all on the ground) with Papu, in collaboration with the Diocesan Commission for Social and Labor Pastoral, Justice and Peace, Custody of Creation
  • Saturday, 9 September, RTA Santo Stefano (Via delle Colonie) – “Narnia svegliati: ama, pensa, parla” (=Narnia wake up: love, think, speak), with the group Controcorrente from Tamai di Brugnera (PN).

The animated masses on the beach in front of the Villaggio Turistico Internazionale / Spa (Via delle Colonie) at 9 pm, with the Choir “The Colours of Gospel”:

  • Sunday, 25 June
  • Sunday, 23 July
  • Sunday, 20 August.

The meetings with the witness, in Piazza Treviso starting at 9.15 pm (unless otherwise specified):

  • Saturday, 24 June – meeting with Beatrice Fazi, mother, wife and actress. As part of the V Festival della Famiglia, in collaboration with the Diocesan Service Family and Life Pilgrimage of families and Adoration
  • Wednesday, 12 July, park of the Parish Church – “XVII festa di Avvenire e de Il Popolo”, with the Italian TV author, journalist and television personality Pablo Trincia. The evening will be opened by the Director of Avvenire Marco Girardo and the Director of Il Popolo Simonetta Venturin. The evening is conducted by Lucia Bellaspiga
  • Wednesday, 19 July – “Fraternity… in the lands of persecution VII Luigi Padovese Prize”, with S.E. Ilario Antoniazzi, Archbishop of Tunisi
  • Wednesday, 9 August – “Fraternità… con chi? Tutti!” (=Fraternity… with whom? Everyone!), with Bishop Domenico Pompili, Bishop of Verona and President of the CEI Commission for Culture and Social Communications.

For further information and updates: