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Organ Festival

Organ Festival

From May to November 2023, organ notes in Bibione and Concordia

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Tue 16 May


Sat 4 Nov



Parish Church S. Maria Assunta Bibione / S. Stefano Cathedral Concordia Sagittaria

From May to November 2023, organ notes will sound in Bibione and Concordia Sagittaria, as part of an Organ Festival that will involve the “Santa Maria Assunta” Parish Church of the seaside resort (Via Antares 18) and the “Santo Stefano Protomartire” Cathedral of the ancient Roman city on the river Lemene (Via Roma 58).

The Festival is included in the XV International Friulian Organ Festival “G.B. Candotti” and demonstrates the constant commitment that the municipal administrations of Concordia Sagittaria and San Michele al Tagliamento dedicate to the enhancement of the historical, cultural and environmental heritage both in terms of art monuments and archaeological and landscape treasures; among these there are also the two organs, due to the constructive mastery of the “Zanin” organ maker in Codroipo.

Here is the whole calendar, for a unique and specialized program with the participation of internationally renowned artists from Italy and various European countries and which includes organ recitals and concerts with other instrumentsinstrumental ensembles and choirs:

• Tuesday, 16th May at 9 pm – Parish Church S. Maria Assunta Bibione
Krzysztof Lukas, organ (Poland)
J.S. Bach: Fantasia in sol magg. BWV 572 – Vari dalla Tavolatura di Jan da Lublino – M. Surzynski: Elegia – K. Gorski: Fantasia in fa min. – J. Lauvkik: Blues II – L. Vierne: Finale, dalla Sinfonia n. 6 op. 59

• Saturday, 27th May at 9:15 pm – Parish Church S. Maria Assunta Bibione
Raimondo Mazzon, organ (Venice)
J.S. Bach: Ciaccona, dalla Partita n. 2 per violino solo, BWV 1004 – R. Wagner: Overture dal Rienzi – G. Rossini: Overture dal Guglielmo Tell

• Tuesday, 6th June at 9:15 pm – Parish Church S. Maria Assunta Bibione
Daniele Toffolo, organ (Venice)
LF. Couperin: Offertoire sur les Grands Jeux – T. Dubois: In paradisum – C. Franck: Corale n. 3 in la min. – P.A. Yon: Christmas in Sicily – J.S. Bach: Passacaglia e fuga in do min. BWV 582

• Thursday, 15th June at 8.45 pm – S. Stefano Cathedral Concordia Sagittaria
screening of the silent film “Frate Sole”
organ improvisations with commentary
Ferruccio Bartoletti, organ (La Spezia)
1918 film directed by Mario Corsi and Ugo Falena, with Umberto Palmarini and Silvia Malinverni. It represents the life of St. Francis through a succession of paintings inspired by Giotto’s frescoes. In the absence of a soundtrack, the extemporaneous creation of an improvised musical commentary on the organ is foreseen.

• Tuesday, 20th June at 9:15 pm – Parish Church S. Maria Assunta Bibione
Antonio Colasurdo, organ (Campobasso) 
C. Frank: Corale n. 3 in la min.; Andantino in sol min. – N. Vitone: Preludio pastorale; Fantasietta pastorale – M.E. Bossi: Scherzo in sol min. – L. Boëllmann: Suite gothique op. 25

• Thursday, 6th July at 8.45 pm – S. Stefano Cathedral Concordia Sagittaria
Wladimir Matesic, organ (Bologna)
S. karg-Elert: Festliche Musik “Alla Haendel” – J.S. Bach: Aus der Tiefe rufe ich BWV 745; Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten BWV 691; Toccata e fuga in re min. “Dorica” BWV 538 – C. Franck: Offertorio in sol  min. – L. Vierne: Allegretto op. 1 – J. Langlais: Incantation pour un Jour Saint – C. Saint-Saëns: Benediction nuptiale op. 9 – P. Cholley: Rumba sur les grands jeux.

• Tuesday, 25th July at 9:15 pm – Parish Church S. Maria Assunta Bibione
Coro Natissa
Cristiano Zampar, horn – Giacomo Bonutti, organ
Luca Bonutti, conductor

D.N. Childs: The Lord’s Prayer – N. Kedrov: Oche Nash – R. Thompson: Alleluia – C. Franck: Corale n. 3 in la min. – C.A. Seghizzi: Missa Solemnis per soli, coro e organo – G. Høeberg: Andante – A. Bruckner: Ave Maria – D. Ayers: Kommt, sing dem Herrn ein neues (Lied for choir, horn and organ)

• Thursday, 27th July at 8.45 pm – S. Stefano Cathedral Concordia Sagittaria
Maarten Wilmink, organ (Netherlands)
F. Liszt: Orpheus, poema sinfonico – J.S. Bach: Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend BWV 709 – J. Guillou: Saga 1, op. 20 – J.S. Bach: Nun freut euch, lieben Christen g’mein BWV 734 – M. Regeer: Fantasia sul corale “Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme” op. 52 n. 2

• Tuesday, 5th September at 9:15 pm – Parish Church S. Maria Assunta Bibione
Giovanni Feltrin, organ (Treviso)
G. Bovet: Tango ecclesiastico primero, sobre el himno Ave Maris Stella – G. Tebaldini: Versetti per l’inno Ave Maris Stella – A. Esposito: Toccata su Ave Maris Stella – T. Zardini: Interludi su “Maria casta dimora” – M.E. Bossi: Cinque Pezzi op. 104

• Thursday, 14th September at 8.45 pm – S. Stefano Cathedral Concordia Sagittaria
Coro Polifonico Antonio Foraboschi
Daniele Toffolo, organ – Roberto De Nicolò, conductor

Ch.M. Widor: Toccata; Messa op. 36 per coro, soli e organo – M. Sofianopulo: Il mio bene è star vicino a Dio – J. Revert: Victimae paschali laudes – A. Guilmant: Offertoire sur “O filii et filiae” op. 49 n. 2; Ecce panis – M. Duruflé: Notre Père per coro a cappella – A. Messager: O salutaris – I. Pizzetti: Ave maris stella – M. Dupré: Laudate Dominum per coro e organo

• Thursday, 5th October at 8.45 pm – S. Stefano Cathedral Concordia Sagittaria
Orchestra Giovanile Filarmonici Friulani
Cori ANA Riuniti
Beppino Delle Vedove, organ – Alessio Venier, conductor
F. Poulenc: Concerto for organ, string orchestra and timpani – M. Maiero: Mass for male choir, organ and orchestra

• Saturday, 4th November at 8.45 pm – S. Stefano Cathedral Concordia Sagittaria
Daniele Toffolo, organ
A. hollins: Trumpet Minuet – D. Toffolo: Offertorio, Meditazione, Marcia della Suite Liturgica – C. Panone: Rapsodia natalizia – R. Giavina: Partite diverse sopra “Happy birthday” – C. Franck: Piéce hèroïque – J.S. Bach: Passacaglia e Fuga in do min. BWV 582

The archaeological area of Concordia will be open to visitors on the occasion of the concerts in the facing Cathedral.

The organization of the exhibition makes use of the collaboration of the Udinese Organ Academy, directed by Maestro Beppino Delle Vedove and active throughout the Friuli and Eastern Venetian territory with concerts, competitions and other initiatives to make organ music and organ art known, in connection with various conservatories and music academies in Italy and abroad. The Association Amici di Concordia, the Society Bibione Spiaggia and the parishes of Bibione and Concordia also participate in the organisation.