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The beach of Bibione: services, comfort and clean sea

3 September 2018

The beach of Bibione: services, comfort and clean sea

The beach of Bibione: services, comfort and clean sea

Bibione’s beach is long, large and well equipped. Is it not enough? Italy has many beautiful beaches but not all are large and full of services like that of Bibione. It is not by chance that every year our seaside resort is rewarded for the quality of its beaches and waters. In fact, our beaches are punctually awarded with the international recognition “Blue Flag” for the sustainable management of the territory that characterizes Bibione. The locality is also rewarded with the “Green Flag” assigned by paediatricians to the best beaches for children.

Let us go to discover the beach of Bibione, starting from its special sand.


The sand of Bibione

Bibione’s sand comes from the Friulan Dolomites, along the Tagliamento river. It is a sand of our territory, it does not come from other areas, so it integrates perfectly with the ecosystem of the area and its biodiversity. Like the other natural elements of the locality, the sand of Bibione is protected and valued.

la spiaggia di Bibione


The services of the beach of Bibione

The Bibione bathing establishments are managed by Bibione Spiaggia SRL and Bibione Mare, who take care of this stretch of beach and offer comfortable services to the bathers. For this reason, the frequentation of this beach is safe and comfortable, respecting the ecosystem of the area.

Among the services offered we find:

  • First aid with nurses;
  • Lifesaving service with lifeguards/specialized rescuers equipped with motor boats and defibrillators;
  • Presence of a dermatologist at the beach once a week, available free of charge;
  • Free entertainment for children and adults;
  • Rental of umbrellas and sunbeds;
  • Rental of elegant gazebos;
  • Possibility to book the beach place on com and
  • Free parking if you book online in one of the beach establishments;
  • Free Wi-Fi;
  • Beach place included if you book a hotel stay.

la spiaggia di Bibione

Pluto’s Beach

If you have a dog and want to make him so many great baths in the sea, the establishment that suits you is the Pluto Beach. Only here your dog can get into the water, but the establishment offers much more. In fact, the beach for dogs in Bibione has services specially designed for the well-being of your four-legged friends.

For example, in addition to renting umbrellas and sunbeds for you, you can also take dog-sized beds, so you will be comfortable! Then, for each dog is made available a personal water bowl and, on request, a special leash to be used in water and on the sand, in order to not damage what you normally use. These are just some of the comforts you can find at Pluto’s beach, which really offers a tailor-made service for dogs and their owners, including the sale of ice cream for dogs!

If you want to go on holiday with your dog, Bibione is the ideal destination and offers also many Dog-Friendly Hotels where your puppies will be welcome (and treated in a special way).

Pineda, Lido dei Pini and Lido del Sole: the other beaches of Bibione

In Bibione, the beach is one, but the areas to be frequented are different, starting from Bibione Pineda, the cooler and greener area. The name of the locality well describes what it characterizes: the beach is surrounded by a pine forest and that is the reason why there are some of the campsites of Bibione. For the one that also looks for shade and coolness by the sea, this is the ideal beach.

Near Bibione Pineda, and just before Bibione Spiaggia, we find Lido del Sole, also immersed in the green and quiet. Ideal for families with children thanks to its summer entertainment service, this beach is not too far from the centre and from the evening life of Bibione.

We conclude our walk between the beaches of Bibione with Lido dei Pini, which is located just before the free beach that leads to the lighthouse. This is a place for nature lovers who can enjoy sunbathing here in a very suggestive and variegated environment, surrounded by a fresh pine forest. Along with the beach life, here you can see water birds and different botanical species. To stretch your legs, then, from here you can leave to walk to the lighthouse of Bibione, along the sea on foot, doing Nordic Walking or cycling along the bike path. Clean sea, nature and sport: what more do you want from a beach?

If you have decided to spend your holidays here in Bibione, you can book an accommodation thanks to our booking online service, filtering the facilities according to the area you want to attend.

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