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Holiday with the dog

23 May 2022

Holiday with the dog

Holiday with the dog

Making a holiday with your dog is possible (and funny) if you decide to stay in a “dog-friendly” place like Bibione. If you want to bring your four-legged friend to the sea, Bibione offers many services for animals, starting with their defined beach (from which they can also reach the sea and take a bath!).

Dog beaches can be also located elsewhere. In other seaside resorts, however, you will not always find hotels and accommodations where you can place your doggie, whereas the Club Bibione Pet Hotels offer services that are tailor-made for dogs (and their owners). In addition, the area is full of hiking trails that can be explored on two and four legs.

Club Bibione Pet Hotel in Bibione

Going on holiday with dogs means also finding an accommodation that will receive your four-legged friend, but Bibione’s Club Bibione Pet Hotel offers much more than just the easy reception of the animal. The hotels belonging to this club provide services specially designed for you and your dogs. Especially the “dog-friendly” hotel rooms in Bibione have a balcony. Thanks to this, your dog can stay outside even if you are at the hotel; but not only that, the locality is full of large green areas, where your friend Fido can stretch his legs. You can also find in some facilities, in your reserved room, water bowls, carpets or couches on which your animals can rest. In short, your doggies will find a range of comforts and will be able to spend the holiday in comfort how you will spend it.

The Club Bibione Pet Hotel of Bibione provides, upon payment and on request, the availability of a veterinarian if required, so you can travel in complete safety as you can count on an easy-to-find medical service.

At the time of the check-in, you will also receive the Bibione Pet Card, a free card that includes services, discounts and benefits for the hotel clients of this Club Hotel. On this page you will find all the partners who have joined the Pet Club:

Last but certainly not less important, the Pet Hotels have an agreement with the Pluto Beach, the special dog beach in Bibione, where your dog can splash in the sea. In addition to the access, each hotel offers special discounts and gift vouchers for services of the facility.

The beach for dogs of Bibione

A dog-friendly beach is perfect for the owners? The Pluto Beach of Bibione is this and much more. If you are traveling with your four-legged friend, you can’t miss to bring him to this specially designed beach for his well-being and fun. Only in this complex your dog can swim in the sea of Bibione and play in the water.


The Pluto Beach offers many services that satisfy the need of „four-legged-bathers“. First, you will receive a welcome kit that includes the essentials, as well as some small gifts to ensure your dog’s well-being. Furthermore, you may not only rent parasols and sunbeds for yourself, but there are also dog beds available: as you will be comfortable, your puppy will feel too. Each dog will have a personal bowl for the water to always ensure proper hydration (important for these animals) and, furthermore, it may have a suitable leash to keep the personal one from the beach and seawater, as the materials can easily wear out. In terms of well-being, the Pluto Beach offers conventions with the veterinarians in the area.

Once you have made yourself comfortable, you can think of the fun! The fenced play and kicking area is equipped with parcours and equipment for the agility and other disciplines, you can use them alone or with an instructor. The beach, in fact, offers courses, lessons and other activities for dogs at special rates. Furthermore, during the summer dog events are organized to train and entertain your dog.

After swimming in the sea, sand play and “sporting” activities you can use the dog shower, so your dog, can return, fresh and clean, to the hotel or go for a walk.

Finally, you can lead your dog-boy to a refreshment to the Ice Bau, which prepares ice cream with appropriate ingredients for dogs (yes, you understand it right, ice cream for dogs!). You can also buy the best products on the market in the Punto Shop and benefit from the discounts of the Bibione Pet Card.

And in order not to miss anything, on the beach there is a free column to recharge mobile phones and tablets, allowing you to always stay connected even on the beach.


To visit this beach, there are rules to respect, let’s take a look at them together:

  • Dogs must have a microchip or ID tattoo;
  • The dog owner must have the registration in the dog register and the vaccination card with him;
  • The dogs must be vaccinated against the main infectious diseases and be protected against pests; In addition, it would be better for the dog to undergo a worm treatment against roundworms and tapeworms three days before its stay;
  • Always to protect the health of the animal, it is recommended not to visit the beach with dogs that suffer from cardiovascular diseases.
  • Dogs must wear a flea collar or similar solutions;
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash provided by the beach, which is 1.5 meters long to be attached to the corresponding hook of the parasol; the owners must also bring the muzzle, which is used in case of need;
  • The owners must take care to supervise properly their dog and never leave him alone under the parasol.

These are some of the most important rules for accessing the Pluto Beach, which must be observed: the well-being of the dogs and the respect for other guests are the aims of this structure. Thanks to the commitment of all, the beach is a pleasant place for owners and dogs.

Opening Hours

In May and September the Pluto Beach is open from 09.00 to 18.00 o’clock. On the contrary, in June, July and August the complex opens from 08.30 to 19.00 o’clock.

It is also important to note that in May and September it is not possible to bring the dog to all beach sections at all times, including the free beach, where the dog can only go through (according to municipal order).


For those staying at the hotel, the voucher issued by the hotel can be used for the Pluto Beach at an additional cost!

  • First 3 rows Euro 10.00 per day or Euro 63.00 per week (without voucher Euro 26.00 per day or Euro 160.00 per week;
  • from the 4th row Euro 4.50 per day or Euro 30.00 per week (without voucher Euro 22.00 per day or Euro 137.00 per week).

Hotel vouchers are not valid for the umbrellas of the Pitch Serenity, Igloo or the fenced VIP area. Pluto beach can be booked in advance by paying the reservation fee.

For more information on Pluto Beach prices, visit the website of the facility:

Excursions with your dog: in addition to the beach there is even more

Bibione is not only sea and beach. The area is also rich in footpaths and paths what can be explored with your own dog. For example, you can make a trip on the path that crosses the forest “Bosco della Lecceta”; or you can go along the coast of Bibione and follow two directions: direction lighthouse or direction locality of Pineda.

Pet Hotel, Pluto Beach with access to the sea, excursions: Bibione is really an ideal vacation place to relax with your dog!

If you are looking for a hotel where your dog is welcome, please visit the dedicated website to the Pet Hotels of Bibione and you will find a solution that suits best to your needs:


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