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In marcia CON il Tagliamento 2024

In marcia CON il Tagliamento 2024

Let’s run together to save the Tagliamento river!

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Thu 25 Apr


Sun 28 Apr



Mauria Pass - Bibione Lighthouse

“We are not looking for simple participants, but true travel companions, involved in an experience destined to sculpt the hearts of each of us.”

This is the 2024 motto of the organizers of “In marcia CON il Tagliamento” (=Marching WITH the Tagliamento), which will be held from 25th to 28th April for its last edition. 

What it is about: a 190 km route in 4 days, from the Mauria Pass to the Bibione Lighthouse, with fractions of 40/50 km, a complete immersion in the wild heart of Friuli, among paths and forest tracks that follow the course of the river.

The route will be very suggestive, through the most unedited Friuli, on paths and forest tracks that run alongside this great river, so important both for Friuli and for “our” Bibione, defined as “the king of Alpine rivers”.

It is therefore not a simple race, but an emotional and engaging experience to discover ourselves too. The aim is to know and raise awareness of the Tagliamento, nature and its ecosystems, the history of this river, as well as to raise awareness of the environmental impact of the works that could interest it.

Here are the 4 stages

  • 25th April / Tagliamento Course: from Mauria Pass to Villa Santina, 45 km in total, with departure at 9 am from Mauria Pass. 
  • 26th April / from Villa Santina to San Tomaso di Majano, 50 km in total, with departure from Sports hall in Villa Santina at 6 am. 
  • 27th April / from San Tomaso to San Paolo di Morsano al Tagliamento, 58 km in total, with departire at 8 am from Hospitale in San Tomaso di Majano. 
  • 28th April / Lignano Dunes Sand: from San Paolo to Bibione (Lighthouse), 40 km in total, with departure from San Paolo di Morsano al Tagliamento at 8:30 am.  

And these are the 3 options:

  1. Run one or more stages of the walk (about 40/60 km) at a slow pace (in any case, good training is required to tackle the more demanding sections of the route)
  2. Naturalistic excursion with a specialized guide, to admire the flora and fauna of the Tagliamento and learn about the history of the river
  3. By bike or e-bike; the use of mountain bikes or gravel bikes is recommended because the route is off-road and also includes technical sections.

During the march there are water points along the route, one for each stage, the transport of bags from the start to the finish, shower service, dinner and space to sleep in facilities.

There is an enrolment fee and places are limited. For all information, GPX tracks and registrations:

Walking along the Tagliamento is not only a physical experience, but also a mental and spiritual one. It is a journey to discover ourselves and our land, to learn about the history of the river and its importance in our lives.