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Villa Manin Estate 2023

Villa Manin Estate 2023

The concerts of great Italian and international artists in Passariano

Musical events

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Sun 25 Jun


Sun 24 Sep



Villa Manin in Passariano-Codroipo (Ud)

The historic residence of Villa Manin in Passariano-Codroipo (Ud) will be the stage for a series of concerts by great Italian and international artists in the summer of 2023 as part of the “Concerti nel Parco” (=concerts in the park) program:

  • Sunday, the 25th June at 6:30 pm – The Zen Circus
  • Friday, the 30rd June at 9 pm – Lazza
  • Saturday, the 8th July at 9 pm – Gianni Morandi
  • Sunday, the 9th July at 6:30 pm – L’Officina della Camomilla
  • Friday, the 14th July at 6:30 pm – Daniel Norgren
  • Sunday, the 16th July at 6:30 pm – Black Country, New road
  • Friday, the 21st July at 6:30 pm – Jeremiah Fraites
  • Friday, the 28th July at 6:30 pm – Maria Antonietta
  • Sunday, the 24th September at 9 pm – Pooh.

Sunday, the 25th June: The Zen Circus. Italian rock group that boasts a 20-year career, represents one of the reference realities for current music. Their summer tour will be the last before a two-year break, and the park of Villa Manin will host the only date in the north-east with a unique appointment in “special busking set”, i.e. without barriers with the public.

Tickets, at the symbolic price of 5 Euros + pre-sale fees, can be found:

Friday, the 30rd June: Lazza. He is the boy of records: with his album “Sirio” he reached 20 consecutive weeks at no. 1 in the Fimi chart, certified fifth platinum; his song “Cenere” has reached 10 million total streams, the 1st place on Spotify and Apple Music and is the only song in the Spotify global top 50 chart. His total certifications at the moment are 43 platinum records and 37 gold records. And it will be at Villa Manin for the first date of his tour “Lazza Overtour Summer 2023”.

Tickets are on sale:

Saturday, the 8th July: Gianni Morandi. No introduction needed: it is one of the cornerstones of Italian music and is back live with the “Go Gianni Go!” tour, which is filling arenas throughout Italy and is preparing to do the same on the main summer stages. This immense artist will present not only the songs from his new album “Evviva!”, But also the great classics of his repertoire, for a truly lively and modern show.

Tickets can be found:

Sunday, the 9th July: L’Officina della Camomilla. A cult project of the Italian alternative scene, the band’s signature style is the light-heartedness with which it represents in music “what passes outside one’s window”. Songs can come to life from notes, surreal thoughts, modeled hallucinations, cloudy skies, from every little sensation that surfaces under the skin.

Tickets, at the symbolic price of 5 Euros + pre-sale fees, can be found at:

Friday, the 14th July: Daniel NorgrenSwedish singer-songwriter born in 1983, arrives in Italy after the enormous success obtained for the collaboration for the film by F. Van Groeningen and C. Vandermeersch based on the book by Paolo Cognetti “Le Otto Montagne” (= the eight mountains). Interpreted by Alessandro Borghi and Luca Marinelli, it is characterized by a poignant soundtrack that culminates with the song “As Long As We Last” from the album “Alabursy” (2015).

Tickets, at the symbolic price of 5 Euros + pre-sale fees, can be bought:

Sunday, the 16th July: Black Country, New road. Crossing post-punk and avant jazz and active since 2019, they are one of the most acclaimed bands of contemporary alternative music, already protagonists in the most prestigious festivals in the world. They are a six-piece ensemble that blends classically trained and self-taught musicians, resulting in a unique blend of technical ability and unpredictability. Originally from Cambridge, they are Lewis Evans (saxophone), May Kershaw (keyboard), Charlie Wayne (drums), Luke Mark (guitar), Tyler Hyde (bass) and Georgia Ellery (violin).

Tickets, at the symbolic price of 5 Euros + pre-sale fees, can be found:

Friday, the 21st July: Jeremiah Fraites. Co-founder of the Lumineers, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and composer, in the park of Villa Manin he will present his solo album “Piano piano”, in an intimate and close encounter with the public, his first time ever in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. He will be accompanied by Fortunato D’Ascola on double bass, Giulia Pecora on violin, Filippo Cornaglia on drums and synthesizer, Clarissa Marino on cello.

Tickets, at the symbolic price of 5 Euros + pre-sale fees, can be bought:

Friday, 28th July: Maria Antonietta. One of the most loved female voices of the Italian alternative, who will present her new album “La Tigre Assenza” at Villa Manin Estate 2023, to be released on 26th May.

Tickets, at the symbolic price of 5 Euros + pre-sale fees, can be found:

Sunday 24 September: Pooh. The symbolic band of Italian music, capable of selling over 100 million records worldwide, an absolute record for a national band. The extraordinary musical journey of the “Amici per sempre” tour continues with a single unmissable appointment in Friuli Venezia Giulia: on the stage of the next concerts, Roby Facchinetti, Dodi Battaglia, Red Canzian and Riccardo Fogli will retrace over 50 years of extraordinary music through hits that have made history, including “Amicixsempre”, a historic song from 1996, re-released in a new version to celebrate this return together.

Tickets can be found:

For over a month, therefore, the musical billboard offers concerts for all tastes in what has become a fixed appointment of Villa Manin Estate to animate and rediscover even the most naturalistic part of the historic customs residence, with alternative and refined musical proposals.

Villa Manin is located about 50 minutes from Bibione: why not take advantage of it for an out-of-town excursion during your holidays in our locality, perhaps combining a cultural visit with a morning/evening of exceptional music?

Photo Credit: Villa Manin