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Portogruaro International Music Festival 2023 – 41st Edition

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Fri 25 Aug


Fri 8 Sep




From 25th August to 8th September, the 41th edition of the International Music Festival will be held in Portogruaro (Ve), which for 2023 will have the title “Multiversi” (=multiverses) intended as a metaphor for the transition from the classical conception of the “universes” that we know to elaboration of a plurality of musical and cultural areas that go beyond a predetermined border. The Festival will look above all at those musical “universes” that usually least belong to us: the theatrical and scenic dimension (represented by the opera “Don Giovanni” which will open the bill), the level of contemporaneity (for the first time music will be performed newly composed commissioned by the Festival), the exploration of pre-Baroque music (with the ancient instruments of the “Armoniosa” ensemble), the frontier of non-strictly classical music (with concerts dedicated to musicals, film music and the videogame medium), without forgetting the memory of the events that have marked, even tragically, our recent history (60th anniversary of the Vajont disaster).

Very reach will be the billboard of a Festival that celebrates its forty years this year, characterized by over two thousand concerts, hundreds of established artists and many young people who have grown professionally, in the usual combination of concert activities and training opportunities. Even in 2023 some of the great names of today’s concerts, which will enliven the whole territory of Eastern Veneto. There are also many previews of “Aspettando il Festival” (=waiting for the festival), with performances that starting from 14th July will touch the most evocative places of Portogruaro and beyond, and the usual “Dopo il Festival” (=After the Festival) with 4 evenings between September and October.

The artistic direction has been entrusted also this year to Alessandro Taverna, an internationally renowned pianist and a figure of undoubted cultural depth.

The places appointed for the concerts will be the “Luigi Russolo” Municipal Theatre but also churchessquarespalaces and villas of the nearby municipalities:

  • Portogruaro, Caserma Capitò
  • Portogruaro, Chiesa di San Luigi
  • Portogruaro, Giardino di Palazzo Altan Venanzio
  • Portogruaro, Museo Nazionale Concordiese
  • Portogruaro, Palazzo Dal Moro
  • Portogruaro, Sala Consiliare del Municipio
  • Portogruaro, Sala delle Colonne e Chiostro del Collegio Marconi
  • Annone Veneto, Chiesa Vecchia di San Vitale
  • Cinto Caomaggiore, Chiesa di San Biagio
  • Bagnara di Gruaro, Chiesa di San Tommaso
  • Belfiore di Pramaggiore, Parco del Mulino
  • Bibione, Piazza Treviso e Chiesa di S. Maria Assunta
  • Caorle, Duomo di Santo Stefano Protomartire, Piazza Vescovado e Spiaggia della Madonnina
  • Cintello di Teglio Veneto, Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista
  • Concordia Sagittaria, Cattedrale di S. Stefano Protomartire e Cinema C
  • Cordovado, Duomo Antico
  • San Stino di Livenza, Piazza Aldo Moro
  • Summaga di Portogruaro, Abbazia
  • Teglio Veneto, Chiesa di San Giorgio Martire

The Masterclasses are also confirmed, from 3rd August to 4th September, with over 30 sessions, demonstrating the festival’s interest in new young concert performers and promising students, and also the “Penombre”, traditional musicological in-depth meetings accompanied by tastings of local wines.

The festival is organized by Santa Cecilia Music Foundation of Portogruaro.

Here you can view and download the complete calendar with all the appointments, while here it is possible to consult the Festival booklet.

For further information and reservations:

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Known as the “little Venice on terra firma”, it is located just less than 30 km from our seaside resort, at the right distance for an excursion out of town to discover its arcades, ancient medieval and Renaissance buildings, its elegant shops, the taverns and the fine restaurants. There are numerous initiatives that the City on Lemene promotes throughout the year, and the International Music Festival is one of the best known.