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Bibione Street Show

Bibione Street Show

Shows on the squares in summer 2024


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Mon 1 Jul


Sat 24 Aug



Bibione, vari luoghi

Several squares in our seaside resort will be animated, during the summer of 2024, by a series of shows entitled “Bibione Street Show”, with performances by:

  • Buskers
  • Clowns
  • Juggling
  • Magic
  • Visual comedy

and each appointment will be made up of two shows:

  1. 9 pm
  2. 10 pm

Here is the complete list of appointments with date, place and artist:

  • Monday, 1st July: Piazza Treviso – Circo Eguap
  • Tuesday, 2nd July: Lido dei Pini – Sirio Alfieri Magic show
  • Monday, 15th July: Piazza Fontana – Mr Copini in “The Herock Circus Show”
  • Friday, 19th July: Municipal Park Bibione Pineda – Revolution clown & Bubble show
  • Tuesday, 23rd July: Piazza Treviso – Circo a puà
  • Friday, 26th July: Municipal Park Bibione Pineda – Funny Show
  • Saturday, 3rd August: Promenade Lido dei Pini – Rafael Sorryso in “Made in Honolulu”
  • Sunday, 4th August: Piazza Fontana – Clown Japo
  • Friday, 9th August: Municipal Park Bibione Pineda – Katastrofa Clown
  • Tuesday, 13th August: Piazza Fontana – Cronopia Contorsiones
  • Monday, 19th August: Piazza Treviso – Clown Man Show
  • Saturday, 24th August: Municipal Park Bibione Pineda – Otto il Bassotto

Whatever part of our wonderful beach you are in the next few months, after an intense day of sun and sea, there will therefore be many opportunities to spend an evening outdoors and enjoy this particular type of art and be absolutely fascinated! All this and much more is Bibione!