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Bibione Olistic Festival 2024

Bibione Olistic Festival 2024

“Healing begins when we connect with mind, body and spirit in a harmonious way”

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Fri 13 Sep


Sun 15 Sep



Beach in front of the Bibione thermal establishment, Bibione

“Healing begins when we connect with mind, body and spirit in a harmonious way”. In Bibione in September we will have this possibility because the open-air event dedicated to holistic disciplines will be back: Bibione Olistic Festival.

Here are all details:

  • When: 13th, 14th and 15th September 2024
  • Where: Bibione, beach in front of the Thermal Centre
  • For whom: for everyone, regardless of age and physical preparation.

It is a unique experience of its kind, in which music, sea and sun combine together: music as nourishment for the soul (also including the sounds that surround us), the sea as an element that gives energy, the light of sun as a source for our vitality.

The location is ideal for having all three of these elements together: the beach in front of the Bibione thermal establishment, surrounded by the power of nature and immersed in its peace.

Very important: the activities are aimed at everyone, absolutely everyone! It is not necessary to have particular sporting attitudes, just curiosity and desire to experiment, thanks also to the protected place and free from judgment that was chosen for the weekend. A great opportunity to meet people with the same interest in personal growthindividual/collective well-being and holistic disciplines, already known and new, because in the world of yoga, sharing the practice with others is an act of love and unity and creates a special synergy that fuels one’s energies and inner connection.

Soon you’ll find online:

  • the complete program of activities, both in daytime and in the evening activities
  • the teachers

Deadline for registrations is as follows:

  • Opening: 4th June 2024
  • First deadline: 18th July 2024
  • Closing: 29th August 2024

For every info:

From the registration portal, it is possible to BOOK YOUR STAY at discounted prices in HOTEL to RECEIVE THE EXPECTED DISCOUNTS, thanks to the collaboration with ABA Viaggi e Vacanze, Booking Centre of Bibione Hoteliers Association! Our contacts:

Booking Centre of the Bibione Hoteliers Association
Corso del Sole, 2 – 30028 Bibione (VE)
Phone Number (+39) 0431 447052