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Bibione in Footbike

Bibione in Footbike

Two weekends of sport and inclusion

Sporting events

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Sat 21 May


Sun 23 Oct




Two weekends dedicated to sport and inclusion are scheduled in Bibione between May and October 2022 entitled “Bibione in Footbike”:

  • Saturday, 21st and Sunday, 22nd May
  • Saturday, 22nd and Sunday, 23rd October.

The events are organized by the FIFB – Italian Footbike Federation in collaboration with the Municipality of San Michele al Tagliamento and the Tourist Promotion Consortium – Bibione Live and concern the footbike, also called sports scooter, a bicycle with wheels and brakes, but without pedals, saddle, gear and chain, born in the mid-nineties in Finland as an alternative means of training for cross-country ski athletes to be able to give themselves the alternating push with both legs.

Since 2020 there has been a special federation that promotes its use and dissemination with the aim of combining this discipline with others much more known and widespread in the area, such as athletics, taking advantage of the technical and educational experience of the trainers, who will be able to include the sports scooter in the training plans of their athletes.

Being a highly inclusive sport suitable for everyone, FIFB is committed to integrating, within the usual sporting paths and competitive events, the presence of people with autism, with a view to inclusion, hospitality and full accessibility. Autistic children will be able to compete with their peers in sports competitions, not in separate ad hoc circuits, and have a “rewarding engagement opportunity”. There is also the hope of being able to extend this project to other forms of disability, in collaboration with the national AICS (Italian Association of Culture and Sport).

That’s why these two weekends will be held in Bibione, one for training and one for racing. Here are all the details:

 “Footbike Driver” Project

  • Friday, 20th May 2022
    • 6-8 pm / welcome to foreign delegations
    • following / welcome dinner
  • Saturday, 21st May 2022
    • 8:45 am / meeting of national athletes
    • 9 am / start of the Footbike technical course
    • 11 am Municipal Delegation of Bibione (Via Maja) / Press conference for the presentation of the FIFB Italian Championships, AICS Italian Championships, Eurocup final stage and the “Footbike Driver” project.
    • 3 pm / visit routes and logistics for foreign delegations
    • 3 pm / athletes meeting and start of the course
    • 7 pm / end of course and meeting
  • Sunday, 22nd May 2022
    • 9 am / athletes meeting and course restart
    • 10 am / Footbike school for disability
    • 11 am / delivery of AIDO t-shirts and delivery of race footbikes to autistic children who want to register with the FIFB
    • 3 pm / tests and training
    • 7 pm / tests end, training and meeting
  • Saturday, 22nd and Sunday, 23rd October 2022
    • conference: sport, tourism, inclusion and sustainability
    • sprint races (mt 100, 200, 400, 800) valid for the Italian AICS + Eurocup Championship
    • medium and long-distance races (10K and 21K) valid for the Italian AICS + Eurocup Championship
    • guided tours in footbike, open to the public

For all information on both events:

Photo Credit: FIFB – Federazione Italiana Footbike