Bibione is the perfect destination where you can experience a holiday in complete freedom and relaxation. And you can enjoy all this along with your dog, with no prohibitions.

Those with pets know just how much work it can be to arrange holidays while juggling restrictions and ‘pets not allowed’ notices. In Bibione, though, you can stay together, enjoy the beach and cool off in the sea together. You can even take wonderful walks in nature together.

Pet-Friendly Hotels

Many of Bibione’s hotels belong to the Club BIbione Pet Hotels and provide services just for guests who are staying with small and medium-sized dogs and cats. To stay in these hotels, dogs must have microchips, proof of up-to-date vaccinations and insurance and must be kept on a leash.

Pluto’s Beach

This welcoming beach is specially designed for dogs. Upon your arrival, you will be assigned a beach umbrella along with a dog bed, water dish and leash. Dogs can happily swim in the sea opposite and even have showers provided just for them.

To stretch their legs!

Pluto’s Beach is also equipped with a fenced-in agility dog area where the two of you can try out various courses; there are free obedience classes, dog fanciers’ events and beauty contests. For a number of seasons, Bibione has also made available, for a fee, a walk-in veterinary health clinic.

Pluto’s Beach

Lots of room, 200 beach umbrellas with leash hooks, water dishes, dog beds and special dog showers. Dog beauty contests and ice cream for dogs round out our offerings.

To enjoy this special area, all your dog needs to have is a leash, a microchip and proof of current vaccinations (including rabies).

Pluto’s Beach is at the far east end of Bibione’s shoreline and can be reached from Via Procione – area 1 – Lido dei Pini. For more information, call Ms Franca at + 39 371.3931992. +39 371 3931992

More information

The advantages of the Bibione Pet Hotels

At check-in, you will be given a Bibione Pet Card: a free card that grants a whole range of services, discounts and special offers in participating shops. The hotel will ask for your dog’s vaccination records to make sure that everything is in order.

Keeping both of you in shape

Do you love walking with your dog? Bibione offers a variety of paths that are also ideal for dog trekking training. Ask your hotel’s reception desk for poles for Nordic walking and you can discover enchanting little corners of the area where nature, in spots, is still quite wild.

A different route every day

You can walk through the pine groves to the Lighthouseor walk along the beach, follow the banks of the Tagliamento River, enjoy a peaceful walk along 8 km of seashore that frames the beach or venture into the holm oak forest to see pines and hundred-year-old trees.

Bibione Pet Hotels