Bibione is a place that never loses its charm, a place that is difficult to fully grasp in a single holiday.

Its land arose from a magical encounter of the salt waters of the Adriatic Sea and thefresh water of the Tagliamento River.

Its name comes from the ancient Roman phrase ‘Insulae Bibioni’, which indicates the islands linked to the lagoon by a thin strip of land. Bibione’s past shares a lot with nearby Venice, then the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy, while its recent history began in the 1950s, when it launched a quality resort with respect for nature.

Bibione is unique because it draws you in and can satisfy everybody: those looking for relaxationand those wanting to have fun with their children, those who are interested in getting in shape and getting healthy, those who want to revel in uncontaminated nature or explore the history of the inland areas. At Bibione, your enthusiasms are encouraged and your quality of life is enhanced with an array of possibilities that grows and changes every year.

Holiday ideas

Holidays with the family

Mama and papa, we’re taking you on holiday!


Holidays with Fido

Seaside with your four-legged friend!


Holidays for relaxation

Diving into wellbeing


Holidays for health

Thermal bath for timeless wellbeing


Holidays for sports

To each their own!


The beach


The history


The lagoon

A whole world to explore


The cuisine

A sea of flavours