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Bibione Beach

Bibione Beach

Wide spaces, inviting beach establishments and high-quality services

An enchanting beach, meticulously maintained and immersed in an atmosphere of well-being and tranquillity. Wide spaces, high-quality services, green dunes and pine forests combine to create an ideal setting for relaxing, enjoying the sea and indulging in pure pleasure.

For more than 20 years, Bibione Spiaggia S.r.l. has taken care of approximately 5 out of the total 8 km of sandy shoreline, driven by one mission: to meet the increasingly discerning needs of tourists while safeguarding the beach as an essential ecosystem to be protected and managed diligently.

Consequently, the beach stands as a symbol of comfort, liveability, organisation, services and respect for nature. Well-equipped and clean, it is the only one in Italy that offers generous spaces between each beach umbrella, all while being embraced by green dunes and cool, shaded pine forests. Add to this the eight welcoming and well-maintained bathing establishments, the children’s play areas, high-quality services and equipment, as well as courteous and professional staff, and your days by the sea will be spent in contentment, serenity and utmost satisfaction.

Beach facilities
  • First Aid, with professional nurses always on site during the day;
  • Lifeguard services, with stations equipped with defibrillators and motorboats; and a dermatologist available once a week free of charge for tourists
  • Free entertainment activities every day involve adults and children in a wealth of sports and athletic activities, held at many special points along the seashore and in a tent.
  • Along with traditional beach umbrellas, Bibione Beach also offers stylish and comfortable gazebos on the shore with beach chairs and side tables.
  • Online reservations for sunbathing spots on a dedicated website ( that offers the user a comprehensive view of the umbrellas available in the four beach areas (Pineda, Lido Del Sole, Bibione Spiaggia, Lido dei Pini).
  • Reserving a beach umbrella for the day is free and can be done online in the facilities of Bibione Spiaggia S.r.l. at the parking area close to the beach.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available at your beach umbrella.



Bibione Beach, San Michele al Tagliamento, VE, Italia

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