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Bibione pineda

Bibione pineda

Emotions and scents of a Mediterranean garden by the sea

A place where the sunset transforms into a breathtaking spectacle, painting the sky in fiery hues and enveloping the lagoon in a magical atmosphere.

This is definitely the most scenic place to watch the sunset, to discover how the lagoon takes on a thousand shades ranging from pinks to oranges to fiery reds. And there’s more. From the beach at Bibione Pineda, by walking along the shoreline you can get to Bibione’s Mediterranean Garden, located in the western end of the peninsula between Porto Baseleghe and the estuary of the Lovi Canal.

In a corner of the earth where nature is still uncontaminated, you can see untouched landscapes and discover colourful bluebottles, orchids and many varieties of gentians. Among the holm oaks, black pines and thick underbrush, it will be easy to spot the great tit and the tortoise, the blackcap and the nightingale, along with the migratory birds that begin taking to the sky in September as the flocks head south.

Even in this part of paradise, the beach is fully outfitted and equipped with all the indispensable services you need to spend fun and carefree days at the seashore: from first-aid stations to lifeguards, from beach huts to nurseries, from play areas for kids to sailing and windsurfing schools.

Naturally, every hotel provides an exclusive area for its own guests with beach umbrellas and beach chairs. And framing the beach there is the wonderful shore that in this very spot changes from fossil dunes to shady pine forests.

Beach facilities
  • First Aid
  • Lifeguard
  • Changing cabins, showers and foot-wash stations for utmost comfort and personal hygiene
  • Childcare
  • Children’s play areas;
  • Sailing and windsurfing schools.



Bibione Pineda, VE, Italia

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