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Club Bibione Walking Hotels

Club Bibione Walking Hotels

Bibione, best experienced on foot


Summer is coming and it is now time to vacation! Finally away from the cities.

Bibione is full of surprises for those who like to explore while walking, because it provides a wide variety of landscapes, from the beach – featuring eight kilometres of fine sand – to the mouth of the Tagliamento River, teeming with flora and fauna, to the lagoon environments defined by small islands and cane thickets that border extraordinary watercourses.

And there are the natural oases of ValGrande and ValleVecchia, where you walk through groves of holm oaks and pines more than a hundred years old that are inhabited by deer, turtles, ducks and herons.

Slowly or at a steady pace, step after step, you will discover the lesser-known corners of Bibione, places that express its most authentic spirit.

Services included:

  • Telescoping walking sticks;
  • Safe storage of equipment;
  • Energy-rich breakfast;
  • Availability of illustrated material with itineraries and diagrams as well as information on events and demonstrations;

Dotazioni avanzate:

  • Guided tours;
  • Transfers;

How to get the Bibione Walking Card:

The Bibione Walking Card is a free card that offers services, discounts and special offers to customers staying overnight at participating hotels. The card is issued by individual hotels at check-in.