Hotels near the sea: in Bibione comfort and services close to the Adriatic

Have you decided to spend your holidays on the Adriatic? It is right that you stay close to the sea!

Have you decided to spend your holidays on the Adriatic? It is right that you stay close to the sea! In Bibione you can do it because the offer of hotels and other accommodation facilities is really wide, but not only: whatever structure you choose, in Bibione you will always be just a few minutes from the sea.

All Bibione hotels are close to the sea and each offers specific services to suit different needs. Let’s see, where the hotels of Bibione are located and what they offer besides the services: many are not only near the beach, but also offer a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea. What more do you want for your holidays?


Why choose a hotel near the sea

The advantages of staying overnight in a hotel near the sea are remarkable. First of all, you can reach the beach in a few minutes, maybe on foot. The second advantage, in fact is, not having to use the car to get to the beach, to the benefit of environment and your health. This also links to another great advantage of getting to the beach on foot: you will not have troubles finding a parking! If you love cycling, then you can get to the beach on your bike, maybe with your children.

The advantages of hotels close to the sea, such as those of Bibione, are not just for means of transport, whether these are four or two wheels or your legs. If the hotel is not far from the beach, you can easily return. Do you need to return to the hotel or have you booked half board or full board? No matter what the need: if your accommodation is not far from the sea and the beach, you can easily return on foot or by bike.

A last advantage is the sea view. Not all, but several hotels in Bibione, especially from the rooms on the upper floors, offer a magnificent view of the azure Adriatic Sea. Try to imagine going back to the hotel after a day at the beach, taking a shower, dressing up and then looking at the balcony or window to admire the sunset over the sea … Nice, isn’t it?

la spiaggia di Bibione

Hotel near the beach of Bibione

The hotels here are all close to the sea and the beach: you can see them on the hotel map of our online booking service. But Bibione does not have a single bathing area, so we start our overview with the locality of Bibione Spiaggia. The promenade is intersected by several crosses, in which the hotels are located. The streets of the area are all connected to the cycle path of the promenade and have names of astronomical origin, very peculiar and fascinating. Behind these crossroads there are other roads which, even if they do not directly face the seafront, are only a few minutes walk from the Adriatic.

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Hotels near Lido del Sole and Lido dei Pini

At the two extremes of the locality Bibione Spiaggia there are Lido del Sole and Lido dei Pini. Even here the accommodations are close to the sea. Near Lido del Sole, the hotels are located in an area characterized by the musical names of the streets, perfect for those who love classical music.

Near Lido dei Pini, we find again the streets with astronomical names. If you go on holiday with your dog, this area is close to the Pluto Beach, the dog friendly beach of Bibione. Categorization of the streets a part, even these places of Bibione are very close to the sea, so staying here you will go on the safe side.

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Hotels in Bibione Pineda

We finally arrived at the greenest place of Bibione, the Pineda, which hosts not only hotels but also campsites, thanks to the shade provided by the lush pines of the area. All the accommodation in the resort is not particularly far from the Adriatic. Even from here, the establishments and the sea are only a few metres away.

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Bibione is really a holiday destination that allow you to rest the car, while you can reach the sea on foot or by bike in just a few minutes.

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