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If you have children, it is important to be able to choose the right tourist place that allows the family to have fun and …

If you have children, it is important to be able to choose the right tourist place that allows the family to have fun and to stay comfortably, without forgetting the safety and services for the little ones. Among the holiday places for families most popular and suitable for children we can certainly include the seaside resorts of our Adriatic Sea.

But why is the Adriatic coast so perfect for families and children? Will it be the quality of the water? Also, but not only. There are many plus points for a holiday along the Adriatic coast. Let us take a look at them together.

Seaside holidays with children: why choose the Adriatic Sea

Let us start with a characteristic that is important for those who have children, not to say essential: in many zones of the Adriatic, the water depth is low for several meters from the shore. This means that our little ones play and swim in the water without the risk of not touching the ground. But this is not the only peculiarity that makes many seaside resorts of the Adriatic safe and suitable for children.

Every year, a group of pediatricians compile the list of the beaches that are suitable for children and assess a number of criteria, including not only the low water depth.

The clear water, the cleanliness of the beach and the sand (with which one plays and builds castles), the presence of lifeguards and lifeboats, games and entertainment, suitable rooms to change the diapers or to breastfeed the little ones, the proximity to ice cream parlors and refreshment rooms, are the criteria that are assessed by the pediatricians to assign the label “green flag” to the Italian beaches.

Among the localities of the Adriatic, which are promoted, we find Roseto degli Abruzzi, Porto Recanati, Gabicce Mare, Cattolica, Polignano a Mare and many others. For several years and also in 2017, the beach of Bibione was also approved by the pediatricians.

Bibione Child Friendly  

Why is Bibione a really ideal holiday destination for families? The seawater is clean and the water depth is low so that the kids can swim; it is no coincidence that the “Blue Flag” was assigned to the place several times for the quality of the water and the beach. The 8-kilometer-long beaches are equipped with public playgrounds and the facilities offer baby clubs for all age groups. However, we assure you that not only the beaches are “family-friendly”.

Beyond the sea, Bibione is an ideal destination for family trips both on foot and by bike. The more than 11 kilometers of cycle paths that run along the sea, are free of interruptions and far from the traffic, so they are safe for children. In the area you can also find riding stables for horse riding, amusement parks and water parks, which are only a few kilometers away. Finally, the Thermal Center of Bibione also offers services for children, so that they can be visited by the whole family.

As you cannot live only of beach and fun, Bibione offers many family accommodations to choose from. We have several “family friendly” hotels that provide services and entertainment for children and parents. Let us see where you can stay and make your little ones happy, while enjoying some deserved relaxation at the same time.

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Club Bibione Family Hotels

If you are a family, you can book one of the “Club Bibione Family Hotels” facilities which are part of these child-friendly (and parents) hotels. In all of these hotels that offer special family rates, are waiting for you:

  • A welcoming gift for the children;
  • Brochure with all useful information to discover the locality and the surroundings (for example, theme parks, attractions, amusement park, etc.);
  • Cradles, cots, diaper changing tables and baby basins;
  • Possibility to heat the milk bottle;
  • Medical care, including pediatrics, on request and against payment;
  • Children’s seats, cutlery, plates, tablecloths and children’s menus;
  • Laundry for children’s clothing, on request and against payment;
  • Libraries with books and comics and a television with children’s channels;
  • Bicycles with child seats; equipped playground; Mini-Club and beach playground;
  • Beach service package with umbrellas and sunbeds, and much more.

Are all these services not enough yet? At the moment of the check-in, the Club Bibione Family Hotel will provide you with the Bibione Family Card, a free card that offers services, discounts and benefits for families in many restaurants and attractions of the area. On this page you can see the list of all partners participating in Club Bibione Family Hotels:

The campsites of Bibione

Are you more a camping type? No problem, in Bibione you will also find family-friendly holiday villages as well as camping sites. These structures are not only completely surrounded by a green area and close to the centre, but these are also equipped with services that are appropriate for children and parents: animations, private beaches, bars and restaurants.

In short, you can relax on the beach while the children play freely and safely between beaches, lagoons and pine forests. On our website you can book campsites and hotels by choosing the most suitable structure for your family’s needs. Certainly, in Bibione every member of the “troop” will find the activity, the fund and the service that suits him best.

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