Bibione, a small paradise not far from Venice

If you are on holiday in Bibione, and would like to spend a day discovering one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy, the answer is only one: Venice. Whether as a romantic getaway or with friends or family, this city will give you important emotions.

If you are on holiday in Bibione, and would like to spend a day discovering one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy, the answer is only one: Venice.

A splendid Venetian seaside town located between Caorle and Lignano Sabbiadoro, Bibione indeed enjoys a strategic position, surrounded by water: to the south the Adriatic Sea, to the east the Tagliamento river and to the north the uncontaminated Lagoon territory. A splendid location, which makes it easily accessible from the main regions of northern and central Italy (but also from different European countries), and which is accompanied by undeniable value strengths: the calm sea of the coast and the green of the Lagoon unite here to form paradisiacal ecosystems, rich in biodiversity. And so it becomes the ideal destination for a holiday of relaxation and nature.

And if you are among those who like to combine a beach vacation with the exploration of the surroundings, please consider that Bibione is very close to many towns and art cities, ideal for trips of all kinds. You can organize a tour through the picturesque canals of Venice, let yourself be enveloped by love in Verona, discover the areas loved by the poet Hemingway or admire Giotto’s works of art in Padua, or see the signs of the past Roman domination of Aquileia. If, on the other hand, you love historic villas, you will be able to indulge yourself among the legacies of the Serenissima Republic: just think of Villa Manin, home of the last Doge of Venice, or of Villa Mocenigo where it is said that lived Hemingway’s love. Because that of the Venetian coast is a territory made of history, which is joined to the green and integral nature of the lagoon. And it is of a unique beauty.

How to reach Venice from Bibione

Have you decided to treat yourself to a day in Venice? Excellent choice: the most romantic city in Italy is 100 kilometers from Bibione and can be reached by various means of transport. The train is certainly the cheapest way, with ticket prices under 10 euros: just go to the nearby stations of Latisana or Portogruaro and take a direct train – there is one every hour – to the Venezia Santa Lucia station, which will allow you to go down to the city centre and save time and money in finding a parking space.

If you prefer to travel by car, you will need to take the A4 motorway from Latisana or Portogruaro, keeping to Venice and exiting at the Mestre Est junction. Following the directions for Venice, you will arrive at Piazzale Roma where you can already park. The car is a more personal means of transport, but unfortunately not the cheapest one because you have to consider the cost of parking, tolls and fuel. Therefore, many visitors choose to reach the city also using bus + motorboat or car + motorboat combinations. It is possible to embark directly in Bibione, at the various collection points, or by going to Punta Sabbioni by car, from where a motorboat goes directly to the Lagoon.

What to do in Venice in one day, with children

If you have chosen Bibione for its children-friendly vocation, know that even in Venice you will be able to organize a whole series of activities for your children. Before arriving in the city, however, it is good to know that it is a very crowded place, to be visited preferably not in high season and preferring bands and baby carriers to the stroller, given the continuous ups and downs that it involves.

Among the most popular activities for children, we find the gondola or vaporetto ride. Certainly, they will be amazed by the knowledge that in Venice people move by boat, on roads made of water! Inevitable then a visit to St. Mark’s Square to see the Basilica and the Doge’s Palace and, why not, take a photo with the famous lions. If your children are already grown-ups and like to visit palaces and museums, the advice is to go up to the Clock Tower where they can see the operation of a large astronomical clock and its gears live; or move on the Grand Canal for a visit to the Natural History Museum, which houses many fossils including a huge dinosaur skeleton.

The Peggy Guggenheim collection also lends itself to such visits. While the parents will be able to enjoy the works of the museum, the little ones will take part in different workshops on contemporary art: every Sunday, the museum hosts the Kids Day, perfect for giving vent to their creativity.

For the more practical and curious ones, it is then possible to reach the island of Murano to see the magical glass processing live. Trust: you will give your children a magical day.

What to do in Venice in one day, for a romantic getaway

Place of the enterprises of Casanova, which made many of the most beautiful women of the time capitulate, the Serenissima is the ideal destination for an out-of-town day in the name of love. Let yourself be lulled by the waves of the lagoon and organize a city tour on the famous gondolas, to admire squares and buildings from another perspective and to dedicate some time to your sweetheart, away from the city crowd.

However, even on foot it is possible to admire monuments of inestimable beauty. Treat yourself to a stroll in St. Mark’s Square to see the beautiful Basilica and Doge’s Palace, or walk on the majestic Rialto Bridge. Getting lost hand in hand through the streets of the city, even the smallest ones, perhaps buying small memories, is something magical.

Before leaving Venice, don’t forget to admire the picturesque sunsets, visible from different points of the lagoon. If you can’t reach the islands of Murano and Burano, even the St. Mark’s Campanile will give you a breathtaking view. If, on the other hand, you can continue your trip until the evening, know that the possibilities for aperitifs and dinner on the lagoon are endless. You can also treat yourself to a candle-lit dinner on a boat or a gondola aperitif. Being able to visit Venice, tasting the delicious fish of the region and drinking typical wines, is not something for every day and will leave your partner with an open mouth.

What to do in Venice in one day, if you are interested in its cultural offer

For years, the old Maritime Republic has hosted the greatest Italian and foreign artists who have given it a great artistic and cultural heritage, making it one of the most beautiful art cities in Italy and the world.

If you love art in all its forms, or want to give yourself a day of culture, this little pearl of northern Italy is for you. Start your cultural itinerary right at the famous St. Mark’s Square, which is admired for all its architecture and buildings. Take a tour of the Doge’s Palace, at the time the seat of the Doge, today a picture gallery with the works of great Venetian artists such as Tintoretto or, if you have a brave spirit, climb the very high bell tower of the Basilica, to admire the city from above.

For admirers of contemporary art, a visit to the Biennale is recommended: not only figurative arts, but also works of cinema, music, theatre and architecture as well as several temporary exhibitions. It is impossible to list all the art galleries in Venice, every corner houses ateliers of famous but also emerging artists. However, Ca’ Pesaro, today home to the Gallery of Modern Art and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, with modern and contemporary works by artists from all over the world, are worth a visit. In short, Venice is really for everyone. And visiting it from Bibione is even more beautiful.

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