Thermal Centre Bibione: Health and wellness at the sea

Bibione is not only sea and fun, but also thermal baths and relaxation.

The name “Bibione” makes us think of the sea, the beaches and summer holiday. However, this place offers much more in every season, not only in summer, thanks to its thermal centre. The Thermal Centre of Bibione is visited very often in every season and it attracts tourists of all kinds, not only those who are interested in thermal treatments.

Let us take a look at the services of the Bibione Thermae and the properties that the thermal water of Bibione has. Thanks to this, our location has become a unique, special tourist destination in every season.

Everything you need to know about the Thermal Centre of Bibione

Starting from June 2021 the thermal swimming pools are open daily, also on Tuesday, which is normally closed in winter. These are open every day from 10:00 to 20:00, while the SPA is poen from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 19:00 and on Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00.

The thermal centre is located in Via delle Colonie, 3 in Bibione (VE). It is possible to reach it easily by bicycle or by bus, which stops in Via Toro, near the thermal bath entrance.

In order to have a priority access to the thermal baths (a surcharge for the priority entrance is provided), it is possible to buy the entrance to the thermal baths on the web site . It is important to note that the reservation from 10:00 to 11:00 can be made only on the day and the selected period, the guarantee and the priority access. A reservation is not necessary except for the following services:

Mud cures, therapeutic baths, massages, physiokinesiotherapy cures, endotympanic and politzer insufflations, pulmonary ventilations, specialist and diagnostic doctor’s appointments.

For the use of the swimming pool, the management has a regulation, which is exhibited before the entrance of the locker rooms and inside the relaxation rooms of the swimming pool. Slippers, bathing caps, towels, goggles, armrests, children’s swimming diapers, bathing suits, etc. are on sale at the cash desk of the swimming pool.

There is no age limit for the little ones access to the swimming pool, however there is no babysitting service for the children. There are entrance packages for 6 or 12 people, which allow you to save on the total price of the entries. The price list may change over the course of the year, so we recommend that you keep up on the following link.

The access to the spa area does not require a medical certificate. The only advice we want to give, is to avoid entering the Turkish bath of those who have heart problems.

The thermal water of Bibione

The thermal water of Bibione gushes at 52° Celsius and comes from a spring that sits over 500m in depth, in the hinterland 5 km away from Bibione. The water is classified as hyperthermal and on average mineral-rich and according to Italian Legislative Decree No. 105 of 25.01.92 as alkaline, bicarbonate, sodium and fluorine-containing. More importantly, with the Decrees 2918 and 2950 of 1996, the Italian Ministry of Health recognized the therapeutic properties of this, so some thermal cures can be prescribed through the State Health Service SSN.

The discovery of the thermal water in the zone of Bibione took place between the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century, hence recently, but their formation goes back to the Mesozoic. The possibility of using these waters for medical purposes has transformed the area not only into a bath but also in a spa resort. The tourists who visit our beaches often have the opportunity to be pampered by a relaxing treatment or a thermal cure, in case you need it, in addition you can use the beach baths.

The wellness services of Bibione Thermae

How does the thermal centre of Bibione use this precious water given by nature? In part, it is used to offer a beauty farm service. For those who love relaxation and wellbeing, the Thermae of Bibione has a spa area with thermal baths and spa. At the wellness centre, you can relax with body and face massages, sauna and Turkish bath. In addition, you will find also a well-equipped beauty centre to be not only more relaxed, but also more beautiful.

Not far from the beach, the thermal park of Bibione offers indoor and outdoor swimming pools, with ponds for adults and children, waterfalls, sunlounger with hydro-massage and geysers. Furthermore, you will also find a dining area with bar and restaurant. The water in the swimming pools has a temperature of 33-34 degrees in both outdoor and indoor areas, so that it can be used in the winter as well.

Which pathologies are treated in the thermal bath of Bibione

The thermal baths of Bibione are also very visited for health reasons. In fact, there are different pathologies that can be treated with thermal cures, such as rheumatic diseases, respiratory diseases, vascular diseases, sequalae of injuries and traumas.

The thermal treatments that are carried out by the Thermal Centre are the inhalation cures, ENT treatments, the rehabilitation of both vascular and respiratory organs, mud therapy. Each therapy is entrusted to specialists and qualified professionals.

Furthermore, at the thermal centre of Bibione you can also undergo physiotherapy and massage treatments, rehabilitation and manual therapy, hydrokinetic and holistic health disciplines such as Watsu and Craniosacral therapy.

In addition, further treatments are offered in the centre for disorders such as cough, cold, recurrent viral infections, chronic bronchitis, asthma, frequent ear infections, rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis. The halotherapy, which should happen in a salt room, is suitable for this purpose. This type of therapy is also recommended for cystic fibrosis, dermatitis, allergies, psoriasis, and eczema and against stress, anxiety and insomnia.

The relaxing or medical activities you can choose are many and this results in a truly complete and excellent thermal centre. The possibility to undergo a thermal cure or medical treatment, in a pleasant environment such as the Adriatic Sea and its beaches, does not occur everywhere, but in Bibione yes. For this reason, every year the locality welcomes thousands of tourists who are interested in not only in the bathing activities but also in the benefits of thermal treatments.

If you are looking for an accommodation, you can book in a Club Bibione Terme Hotel, which has an agreement with the thermal centre, so you can enjoy the benefits of the thermal baths and the beauty sea of Bibione, taking advantage of the special conditions of stay.


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