Bibione in winter: what to do in the colder months

In Bibione, there are many activities to do in winter, from the spa to walks on the seafront until Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Let’s see them together!

bibione d'inverno

The sea in winter and Bibione in winter! If you do not want only a sea holiday, you can also visit our resort in the colder months. In the wintertime, Bibione is very quiet, but is revived by the Christmas festivities and New Year Celebrations. In addition, the spa is open all year round and a walk along the seafront is an unforgettable experience 365 days a year.

So let’s see what’s going on in Bibione in the colder months.

Thermal Centre Bibione: wellness and health 365 days a year

The thermal centre is located in via Delle colonie, 3 and can be easily reached by car or bicycle (weather permitting) and by bus. In winter the thermal centre is closed on Tuesdays, but during the rest of the week you can immerse yourself in the warm waters that come from a spring over 500 m in depth, about 5 km away from Bibione. For access to the swimming pools and the spa area, no medical prescription is required, so that you can enjoy the relaxation and the treatments of the centre without restrictions.

The spa of Bibione, however, is also very popular for therapeutic purposes. There are many pathologies that are treated here, and the Health Ministry has acknowledged the therapeutic properties of these thermal waters. For this reason, some of the treatments are guaranteed by the State Health Service SSN. Among the pathologies that can be treated with the thermal cures, we find rheumatic diseases, respiratory diseases, vascular diseases, sequelae of traumas and injuries. In addition to thermal treatments, physiotherapy and massage therapy are offered, as well as many other therapies.

If you want to enjoy the water and spa treatments, book online one of the hotels that has an agreement with the thermal centre of Bibione: in winter, you can also stay in our beautiful resort and visit the spa.

Christmas in Bibione

Every year, the Municipality of San Michele Al Tagliamento in cooperation with ProLoco, with Bibione Spiaggia SRL and with the associations of the area, organizes “Bibione un mare di feste” (Bibione, a sea of festivities) to celebrate the Christmas holidays in great style. From 8th December to 6th of January, Bibione is dressed in lights and colours, which makes the Christmas celebration of the Venetian lagoon magical.

We start with the traditional ignition of the tree on 8th December in Piazzale Zenith and last until the arrival of the Befana. Also in Piazzale Zenith are the skating rink, which is loved by adults and children, and the Christmas Village.

The schedule of initiatives is richer every year and includes many workshops and games for children, the soul of this fest: living the atmosphere of Christmas in Bibione is a magical and unmissable experience.

bibione d'inverno

New Year’s Eve in Bibione

For those who really want to live Bibione, the appointment is in Piazzale Zenith: at midnight, in fact, the sky illuminates the Venetian lagoon with a spectacular fireworks display.

The first of January is the moment of the traditional bath in the Adriatic Sea, which attracts dozens of daring swimmers each year, who face the cold waters of the sea to celebrate the New Year.

If you are looking for a hotel in Bibione for New Year’s Eve, you can book it thanks to our online booking service: Bibione is ready to welcome you also in winter!


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