Biking trails in Bibione: all the itineraries for a bike ride in the middle of nature and in safety

Bibione is the perfect place to move around by bike in complete safety. Here is a list of the main biking trails in the city.

The demand of tourists to be able to move around by bike in holiday destinations is constantly increasing. For many, in fact, driving, especially in busy big cities, is a source of stress, and going on holiday means finally being able to park the car in order to move around with more agile and relaxing means of transport. The bike allows you to enjoy the landscape, breathe clean air, do physical activity and reach natural environments that are not accessible by car.

Bibione has been working for years to satisfy this growing trend, offering comfortable bike rental solutions and numerous cycle paths to discover the beauties that the area is able to offer.

Where you can rent bikes in Bibione

Not everyone has the opportunity to bring his bike to the vacation spot. For this reason, Bibione has activated comfortable and practical bike rental solutions for vacationers who do not want to give up on excursions on two wheels. In addition to the various rental points scattered around the city, in Bibione you can find the Club Bibione Bike Hotels: fully-fledged hotels dedicated to bicycle enthusiasts, where you can stay with all the comforts that those traveling by bike may need. The Club Bibione Bike Hotels are not only designed for athletes, but also for those who have little or no familiarity with pedals, and offer bike storage, washing equipment, illustrative material on bike tracks, energy breakfast and packed lunch on request, agreements with sports shops and free use of City Bikes, along with many other advantages.

Where you can cycle in Bibione: the biking trails

Bibione is famous for its wide, clean and accessible beaches, but also for its 195 km of cycle paths that wind inland, along the seafront and in the pine forests. Suitable for sportsmen, families and children, Bibione’s biking trails are perfect for an afternoon alternative to the beach, for an out-of-town excursion or to discover the scenic beauty of the place.

Bike paths along the seafront

The most famous of all is certainly the biking/walking trail, which extends along the coast of Bibione for about 10 km and connects the lighthouse of the city, located near the mouth of the Tagliamento, to Bibione Pineda, near Porto Baseleghe.

During the day it is used by vacationers to go to the beach, but the hours in which it is preferable to travel it are those of dawn, to see the sun rise and breathe the fresh air of the morning, and of the sunset, to enjoy the spectacle of the beach that is tinged with red. Thanks to the excellent lighting, it can also be crossed in the evening in total safety.

Biking trails in the city

Always parallel to the seafront, but this time more internal, there is a second cycle path that crosses the streets of the city, passing by the shops and restaurants of Bibione. The biking trail goes through three different green areas, perfect for a moment of refreshment: The Public Pinewood, the Lino delle Fate and the Bosco Canoro.

Naturalistic cycle paths

The ideal scenic route for nature lovers is the stretch of biking trail that connects Piazzale Zenith to the Lighthouse and that runs alongside the pine forest of the black pines of Austria. This green and natural area can also be visited through a 12 km itinerary that runs along its entire length.

From Bibione, you can also reach another natural environment by bike: that of Brussa, the protected lagoon area of ValleVecchia where you can admire one of the largest coastal dune systems as well as the typical fauna of sandy beaches.

Biking trails for the most trained ones

For the most trained ones there are also longer and more demanding bike tours. For example, the Tagliamento tour, a 36 km ring that starts from the Bibione roundabout and reaches San Michele, following the path of the Tagliamento river; or the itinerary of the Casoni, about 23 km long, which, continuing along the Lovi canal, leads to the typical fishermen’s huts. Recommended for those who want to discover the rice fields and the characteristic casoni of Terzo Bacino that overlook the lagoon.

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