Bibione without gluten: many solutions for coeliacs

Are you in Bibione and are you looking for a place where you can eat safe and tasty gluten-free products? From hotels to restaurants, read the article and discover all the offers on our shore!

Bibione is a very attentive place to the needs of its visitors. This attention is also dedicated to the particular food needs of tourists, so the area offers different solutions for people with celiac disease, starting with hotels offering gluten-free menus and breakfasts. Do not hesitate to ask the hotels if they guarantee gluten-free options and remember at the reception your food needs: the staff of Bibione hotels is always available to meet your requests.

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Let’s go to the discovery of the “gluten-free Bibione” and see together where people with celiac disease can eat safe and tasty meals.

Where celiacs can eat in Bibione (according to Tripadvisor)

The Tripadvisor review website gives us a nice overview of the places where you can eat gluten-free food in Bibione. We see the top 5 in the ranking of a total of 9 places with gluten free options: at the top we find the Gelidus ice-cream parlour in Viale Aurora 54 which offers different tastes completely gluten-free. In second place another ice-cream shop in Viale Aurora, Il re del Gelato, whose customers appreciate the generous portions and light prices. In third place there is Da Zio Stefano in via Sagittario 25, also considered one of the best seafood restaurants in Bibione. In the fourth position, we find the Restaurant Primoamore in Viale Aurora 28, also very popular for fish. In fifth place is the Restaurant Storione in via Atlante 27.

Gluten-free pizza in Bibione

There are some pizzerias that make gluten-free pizza in Bibione, as well as many restaurants offering gluten-free options as an alternative to traditional pizzas. Celiacs on holiday here do not have to give up eating out and enjoying a good pizza with friends and family. Let’s have a look at some of these pizzerias: the Ristorante Pizzeria Amore in via delle Costellazioni 15 prepares gluten-free pizzas as well as the Restaurant Al Villaggio which belongs to the Villaggio Turistico Internazionale campsite in via delle Colonie 2. Even the previously mentioned pizzeria Primoamore prepares gluten-free pizzas, as well as the restaurant pizzeria Spaghetti Haus, also present in the AFC (Eating Out) guide, and many others.

Bibione places in the AFC Guide

Let’s see which places of Bibione have joined the project of the Italian Celiac Association “Eating Out” which includes, among other things, the publication of a guide to the businesses that meet all the criteria for preparing gluten-free and contamination-free foods. Each place must follow appropriate courses to be admitted and respect the parameters set by the association, so for celiacs it is useful to draw from this guide to choose where to eat.

In Bibione, the AFC guide reports the Spaghetti Haus in via Andromeda 107, the K2 ice-cream parlour in via delle Costellazioni 10, again the Gelidus ice-cream shop and the Restaurant Pizzeria Al Villaggio at the Villaggio Turistico Internazionale.
As you have seen, spending the holidays in peace and security in Bibione is also possible for celiacs. Starting from the hotels up to the restaurants, pizzerias and ice-cream parlours, those suffering from celiac disease have several options to choose from, while still maintaining the high attention as well as the AIC advises, the Italian Celiac Association.

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