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Hotel Lele

Via Croce del Sud, 28, Bibione, VE, Italia
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Can you envisage the warm and lively colours of summer? At Hotel Lele you can experience them all around in the rooms, in the breakfast room with its white and yellow chairs and on the veranda where the flowers and the beautiful pergola embellish the breakfast area for a moment of pure relaxation. Tones that reflect the warm welcome that, at all times of the day, is sunny and lifelike from the start of a rich and abundant breakfast, characterised by the offer of sweet and savoury delights.

Hotel Lele is located in Via Croce del Sud, in the centre of Bibione. The hotel building is small but extremely well maintained and equipped with all required amenities. Thanks to its central position, you can reach the beach and its wonderful waterfront, the spa, the shopping district for a coffee or a bit of shopping and the historic towns of the inland in just a short time. A stay at Hotel Lele can only be synonymous with liveliness and convenience.

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