The historical home of Villa Manin in Passariano-Codroipo (Ud) will be the stage of a series of concerts by great Italian and international artists in the frame of the Festival “Villa Manin Estate” 2019:

  • Sunday, 16th June at 11:30 amThe Uppertones
  • Sunday, 23rd June at 11:30 amThe Andrè
  • Sunday, 30th June at 11:30 amSelton
  • Sunday, 7th July at 11:30 amLes Babettes & Wallace All Stars
  • Tuesday, 9th July at 9:30 pmYann Tiersen
  • Sunday, 14th July at 9:30 pmMorgan
  • Monday, 15th July at 9:30 pmGiorgia
  • Wednesday, 17th July at 9:30 amThom Yorke
  • Thursday, 18th July at 21:30Stefano Bollani and Hamilton de Holanda
  • Sunday, 21st July at 5:30 amRemo Anzovino
  • Thursday, 25th July at 7 pmArTime Quartet.

The music proposals begin on Sunday, 16th June late in the morning with a free concert at the Park inside the Villa: at 11:30 am The Uppertones will perform, a trio composed of: T-Bone singer, trombonist and composer, Ferdinando Count Fedi Masi, drummer, Phil Cuomo, pianist and singer. Their genre is the Jamaican music of the 1950s with R’n’B, boogie, calypso and mento.

The following week another event with free admission: on Sunday, 23rd June, again at 11:30, href=””>The Andrèwill perform at the Park, new phenomenon of the Italian music scene that engages in a series of covers of trap songs sung in the manner of the Genoese singer-songwriter. His vocal timbre is very similar to that of De Andrè, in contrast to texts that the real Faber would never have sung.

On Sunday, 30th June, again at 11:30 am at the Park, the href=””>Selton, a Brazilian folk rock group living in Milan, trained in Barcelona but well known in Italy thanks to five albums, countless concerts and the most different collaborations.

On Sunday, 7th July at 11:30 am at the Park it’s time for the href=””>Les Babettes & Mr. Wallace All Stars: Les Babettes are a female vocal trio born in 2011 in Trieste consisting in Anna De Giovanni, Chiara Gelmini, Eleonora Lana. Accompanied by different formations (from solo piano, to jazz quartet, to big band), they propose a swing repertoire that ranges from the trios of the 1930s to original arrangements of great classics of Italian and international swing, with forays into the world of musicals, the soundtracks of animated films and rockabilly.

On Tuesday, 9th July at 9:30 pm at the Piazza Tonda (round square) the concert by Yann Tiersen, French minimalist composer and multi-instrumentalist who became famous throughout the world for having set to music the soundtrack of the French film “The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain”. An artist without limits and boundaries able to mix the piano skillfully with the accordion and various types of violin, he is able to range from classical to electronics and popular music. Tickets are sold on href=””>Ticketone and in all authorized sales points.

On Sunday, 14th July at 9:30 pm at the Park another great free concert: href=””>Morgan! Versatile musician, fine singer-songwriter and founder of Bluvertigo (they opened two David Bowie’s concerts in Italy), Morgan is one of the most famous characters of the national music scene and will perform alone accompanying himself with the piano in a show that will surely be exciting.

On Monday, 15th July at 9:30 pm, the Round Square will host one of the greatest performers of the international music scene: href=””>Giorgia, who will present her latest album “Pop Heart”, certified platinum disc, in which she reinterprets great national and international successes. Tickets are sold on href=””>Ticketone and in all authorized sales points.

Two days later, on Wednesday 17th July, it will be the turn of the great href=””>Thom Yorke, while on Thursday 18th July at 9:30 pm, again at the Round Square, Stefano Bollani’s piano will join the Hamilton de Holanda mandolin in an extraordinary combination always in the name of improvisation and their love for Brazilian music. Also in this case, tickets are sold on href=””>Ticketone and in all authorized sales points.

Sunday, 21st July instead the appointment is at dawn: at 5:30 am at the Villa Park the completely free concert by the artist Remo Anzovino from Pordenone, who is considered by critics and public one of the most original and innovative composers in circulation, as well as one of the leading exponents of Italian instrumental music.

The last free musical appointment of “Villa Manin estate 2019” is on Thursday, 25th July at 7 pm, at sunset, with the ArTime Quartet, string quartet composed of four established female musicians from different Italian-European cultures based in the splendid city of Venice. They boast numerous collaborations both individually and in groups, and their music ranges from baroque to pop rock, to meet the tastes of a very wide audience, without ever giving up the elegance of the string quartet sound.

For over a month, therefore, the musical billboard offers concerts for all tastes, almost all for free; Villa Manin is located about 50 minutes from Bibione: why not taking advantage of it for a href=”″>trip out of town during your holidays in our town, perhaps combining a cultural visit with a morning/evening of exceptional music?