From 20th June to 16th August 2020, two events of great international appeal are expected in the summer of Bibione: in fact, the relics of Padre Pio and St. John Paul II will be exhibited in two distinct moments.

Starting from the Holy Mass at 7 pm on Saturday, 20th June until the Holy Mass, again at 7 pm on Sunday, 5th July, it will be possible to venerate the relics of the Saint of Pietrelcina: these are the raw-wool gloves with who Padre Pio protected the stigmata – the plagues identical to those that appeared on Jesus Christ in the Crucifixion. The exhibition will be held every day from 7 to 9:30 am and from 6 to 8 pm, times during which the presence of priests for the sacrament of confession will also be guaranteed. At each festive Mass, then, on Saturday evening and Sunday, there will be the enthronement of the relics. In addition, the Via Crucis in church will be celebrated on Friday, 26th June and Friday, 3rd July at 9 pm.

From 16th July to 16th August there will be other very intense days: in fact, the exhibition of the relics of St. John Paul II will take place, in particular the blood collected after the terrible attack on the life of Pope Wojtyla on 13th May 1981 by Ali Agca. Just in 2020 marks the centenary of the birth of the saint, born in Poland on 18th May 1920.

For visits or celebrations of organized groups, it is required to contact the Parish at the phone number +39 0431 43178. The precautionary rules regarding Covid-19 about hygiene and distances remain in force.

For further information and updates:
Phone number: +39 0431 43178