On Saturday, 9th March 2019, we are given a great opportunity: a guided tour to discover the medieval Venetian town of Portogruaro entitled “Pomponio Amalteo in Portogruaro: art in the sacred”.

The meeting is at 3 pm in Piazza della Repubblica, for a walk of about an hour and a half indicated for both adults and families with visit to:

  • Church of San Luigi. According to excavations and restoration works, the foundation of this church dates back to at least the tenth or eleventh century, making it one of the oldest evidence of settlement on the site where the City of Portogruaro was built. Over the years, the church has been continuously transformed, enlarged, decorated and enriched with works of art and sacred furnishings.
  • Church of San Giovanni. Dating back to 1338, it is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and to the evangelist Giovanni. Thanks to the intervention of the Dominicans, a convent was annexed to it, which was later confiscated by Venice and became the current Old Hospital.
  • Andrea’s Dome. Main worship place of the city and located right in the centre, it dates back to the first period after the year one thousand. It is characterized by the bell tower, famous for its slope and classified as the third most leaning tower in Italy.

These three buildings have in common the figure of Pomponio Amalteo and thanks to them, it will be possible to retrace the long artistic career of this famous painter. He was the most capable and faithful follower of the il Pordenone (Giovanni Antonio de Sacchis), the greatest Friulian painter of the sixteenth century. The Amalteo was pupil, son-in-law and heir of the workshop of this artist; he worked in many churches between Eastern Veneto and Friuli, and some of his works remain also in Portogruaro.

The visit costs Euro 7,00 and includes also the tourist guide.

For info and reservations:

tel. +39 0421 248248

So, let’s meet in the city along the river Lemene, within its walls, to discover the historic buildings and works of art, on a Saturday in March announcing the arrival of spring!