Unforgettable appointments in Bibione for mountain-bike and bike-cross enthusiasts; for the Bibione Bike Trophy: Eliminator, the most adrenaline-filled race of the circuit, and the 6-hour MTB, the most suggestive cross-country race. The competitions are open to all FCI members, individually for ELIMINATOR (XCE) and individually or in teams, up to maximum four athletes, for the 6-HOUR by Mountain bike.


On 29th July the bikers will compete on a city track, made with artificial obstacles and elevated curves in wood. Along the centre of Bibione, on a splendid summer evening of the venetian town, people will fight in the spectacular race formula ELIMINATOR: 4 cyclists will start, but only two will pass the turn, and will be included in the next quartet; and so on, repeating, until only one will remain.

For fans and occasional spectators, the opportunity to attend to a fast and fantastic competition, in a theatre so unusual for the mountain bike as suggestive: the streets and the crowded squares of Bibione, which will turn for one evening into a special arena for a very quickly comparison.

Registration to the race ends on 27th July, at 11.59 pm, and are open to agonists and amateurs, both FISI and UCI members, that will be aged 19 and that will own a medical certificate to practice cycling.

And writing to rossella@abaviaggi.it you can take advantage of special rates for your stay!


The cross-country race in Bibione will be held on 23rd September, and will have as theatre the area between the Eastern part of Bibione, with the suggestive beach of the Lighthouse, the mouth of the river Tagliamento, the pinewoods and the inland, and the centre of the venetian city. It is a circuit of 12,5 km, which the bikers will repeat from late afternoon until late evening.

The race allows the participation of singles but also of teams, which can participate only according the scheme of relay; all this to ensure the opportunity of fun for both those who have the long wheelbase and the riders who love best short distances. No climbs, but heterogeneous and demanding bottoms such as land, hard sand and technical mixed bottoms that will test the cyclists’ endurance.

This is an opportunity to attend to an exciting show, and also to participate to the party that will grow around the event at nightfall: from 6 pm to midnight, in Piazza Fontana and along the city streets cyclists and non-cyclist, together, will wait for the winner and spend in company a wonderful evening of end summer. Moreover, from 9 pm a show of Pole Dance in the square, to add emotion to emotion.

And writing to rossella@abaviaggi.it you can take advantage of special rates for your stay!