The theatrical show “Miss Parkinson” with Michela Cancelliere will be in Bibione on Monday, 31st July at 9.15 pm at the Arena Parco del Donatore in via Vega (next to the Parish Church).

The event, completely free, is focused on a serious illness, Parkinson’s disease, which is represented and brought to the theatre by a protagonist of excellence: Michela Cancelliere, a teacher of physical education who discovers one day of being affected by Parkinson’s disease and, instead of depressing, takes the disease as an opportunity to restart and live differently.

Writing his story in the book “Miss Parkinson. Story of a woman who has never surrendered” and telling her personal experience through theatrical representation, this courageous woman explains: “I have made the movement my profession and today I see myself forced by unbearable limits whenever my extremely elastic musculature becomes stiff, preventing me from the most elementary movements”. Parkinson’s disease, in fact, is a degenerative neurological disease in which the more obvious symptoms are tremors, stiffness, slowness in movements and difficulty in walking.

In case of rain, the show will be held at the adjoining Parish Auditorium “Al Giovane” in via Antares 20.