Dip into the 5 Aquae (Five Waters) which make Bibione island unique among the seaside resorts of the upper Adriatic Sea, and discover the true soul of each one of them.

Cycle path • Adriatic Sea (Water of treasures) • Lighthouse • Mouth of Tagliamento river (Mountain water) • Istrians • Agriresidence San Pietro (refreshment) • Bridge of Bevazzana • Blockhouses • Tagliamento river • La Casa Gioconda • La Casa Gioconda, Agr. Viotto Fortunato (refreshment) • 4° Bacino / thermal spring (Water of life) • Veneto coast (inland water) • Lagune / Valgrande and Vallesina (biodiversity water)

Friday morning, from 8:30 am • 30 km • approx. 4.5 h

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