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Sea Life in Jesolo is a real marine park that is equipped with 36 large tanks, 16 different completely-themed environments, over 3000 specimens of 100 marine species from the world’s seas, staff always available to respond to your curiosity and the possibility of discovering the marine world from very close … as in a dry dive!

A unique journey that will allow the visitor to discover many environments in an escalation of experiences, also including the culture, values and history of Venice. A long journey from the mountain’s streams to the coasts of the Adriatic and from there to the ocean and the tropical seas, discovering the uncharted underwater world, almost „touching it with your hands” and passing through it by walking along a long futuristic underwater tunnel.

Which sea creatures do you love the most? Magnificent Sharks, colourful Clownfish or perhaps inquisitive Sea Turtles? Does a clever Common Octopus grab your attention or do you prefer playful penguins? At Sea Life you can make up your mind and see them all and you’ll be able to get closer to them than ever before.

The Aquarium is indoors so it can be visited in any weather condition.

Photo Credit: Sea Life Jesolo


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