From 22 to 28 July at Bibione Sport Village a very special event will be held: the week of yoga, dedicated to all lovers and to all those who are looking for wellbeing and relaxation during the holiday period, thanks to this ancient discipline that helps the body and mind to stay in shape.

The event is organized by the Cultural Association “Cuori di Luce” from Treviso, born to promote events and initiatives for the expansion of awareness and dissemination of knowledge of holistic disciplines, yoga and meditation for first.

Therefore they will organize completely free sessions of yoga and meditation in front of the sea with qualified teachers and also suitable for those who have never practised this type of discipline.

What is Bibione Sport Village: it is an equipped area on the beach next to Piazzale Zenith where you can play various sports activities; with a total area of 5000 square meters and a capacity of 420 seats in the grandstand of the central field, it is open from 5th May to 9th September. It is equipped with:

  • 4 Beach volleyball courts
  • 4 Beach tennis
  • 2 Beach soccer
  • 2 Rugby courts
  • Gym for physical-exercises activity.

The ideal place for this meditative practice, a way to recharge and recover energies and wellbeing even during the summer holidays, but also to reduce the physical uneasiness.

The seaside resort of Bibione offers more than 24 types of sports to practice on the beach, with always new equipment and facilities and courses with certified instructors. Join us and test yourself!