The Musical Wednesdays in Portogruaro return like every year: From 26th June to 31st July 2019, the summer weekly appointment is in the city on the Lemene River for an evening dedicated to music and party.

With the slogan “A city to sing”, from 9 pm to 11.30 pm the historic centre will come alive with concerts of musical groups of various genres and other occasions of interest, including exhibitions, performances, entertainment for children and buskers.

Overall we can attend:

  • Concerts by 5 musical groups
  • Jazz
  • Performance of the busker Rakesh
  • Entertainment for children
  • Ballroom dancing / tango
  • Sports performances
  • Car / motorbikes exhibition
  • Extraordinary openings of the City Museum
  • Fashion show.

Shops will remain open, as frame of the event, and also the bars, and the main points of the city centre will become small stages.

The events billboard is organized by Pro Loco Portogruaro in collaboration with Confcommercio Portogruaro-Bibione-Caorle and with the City of Portogruaro.

For all updates and meeting points: Pro Loco Portogruaro

The city of Portogruaro, dating back to the 12th century, is worth visiting due to the charm of the Lemene River and the homes of the ancient nobles. Known as the “little Venice on terra firma”, it is located just less than 30 km from our seaside resort, at the right distance for an excursion out of town to discover its arcades, ancient medieval and Renaissance buildings, its elegant shops, the taverns and the fine restaurants. There are numerous initiatives promoted throughout the year, and musical Wednesdays are one of them.