“Bibione ‘60… Emotions”: Here is the title of the exhibition in Bibione Pineda at the Municipal Park of Viale dei Ginepri, with 16 alucobond panels with as many historical images of our seaside resort in the 60s.

The exhibition can be visited every day from Monday, the 24th June until the 15th September in the magnificent setting of the park of Bibione Pineda, perhaps on occasion of one of the many events and shows that periodically occur there.

In those years, Bibione officially acquires this name and is recognized as a bathing area, beginning to grow together with its hotels and its activities. The exhibition will then accompany us in this path, allowing us to see how it looked like then and make the comparison with how it looks like now. And why not… let’s play with the fantasy to guess which way or which structure it is represented!

The exhibition is curated by Pro Loco Bibione.

And for those who want to know more, on our website it is available a section to learn the origins and evolution of the history of our magnificent Bibione!