Prepare the handkerchiefs to… cry from laughing!!! On Monday, 31st July at 9.30 pm a few steps from Bibione the gags of Ale & Franz will be on stage! The Milanese comic duo, who is best loved by the Italian public, in fact will be the protagonist of “The Interview/Show” at the Beach Arena in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

For over an hour and a half the two comedians will answer questions and curiosities made directly by the present audience to tell themselves, how they invent and live their most famous characters, their artistic career. Everything, as always, in a humorous and ironic key and in the sign of improvisation.

The event is completely free; the gates of the beach Arena, at the Beach Office 7 on the Lungomare Trieste, a little more than 10 minutes by car from Bibione, will open at 9 pm.

The comic duo was formed in the ‘90 and consists of Alessandro Besentini (Ale) and Francesco Villa (Franz). After having started at the bottom, the success came with the Italian TV programs “Mai dire Gol” and “Zelig”, but the definitive consecration came with the cinema, the theatre and the program “Buona la Prima” on Italia 1.

You know, Monday is the hardest day of the week… so why not finishing it in cheer? And if you do not want to return home in the late evening, our accommodations in Bibione are ready to welcome you at the end of the event!