On the splendid sand in front of Piazzale Zenith, the first major artistic event on the beach of Bibione will be held on Saturday, 13th and Sunday, 14th July 2019 entitled “SEA – Sensation Experience Arts”.

For two days, from 6 pm to midnight a maximum of 40 artists (in a limited number of 20 per day) will give life to their artistic performances of figurative painting, action painting and sculpture under the eyes of those present, who will be able to stay and admire them while they carry out their works.

Entrance is free!

It is the first time that an artistic event with these characteristics is held on the beach; there will be a stage in front of which the artists will apply themselves in their art, accompanied by music during their performance on the sand.

From the following Monday, 15th July and until Saturday, the 20th, in the participating commercial activities (click here to find out which ones they are), there will then be the exhibition of the creations with the possibility also to vote them with a special card to be inserted in the dedicated box. On Sunday, 21st July on the stage in Piazza Fontana there will be a show with the awarding ceremony; currently confirmed prizes are:

  • Exhibition at the Art Gallery – ITINERARTE, adjacent to the Accademia Gallery in Venice
  • Publication of two pages entirely dedicated to the artist in the national magazine Art&Art.

For more information and registration:

Tel.: +39 340 647 9908
Email: href=”mailto:sensationexperiencearts@seasideevents.it”>sensationexperiencearts@seasideevents.it

You can already “browse” around and find out which artists will be on the dedicated Facebook page: SEAsensationExperienceArts

All you need to do is put your feet on the sand to watch an art festival where you can be in direct contact with living and feeling art!