From 22nd June to 29th August 2018 the evenings dedicated to the meeting with the witness return in Bibione: the appointment is in Piazza Treviso at 9.15 pm with priests, religious offices, intellectuals and people with special experience, who will bring their testimony for a moment for reflection even when people is on holiday.

Here are the scheduled appointments on the square:

  • 22nd June: “Francesco, il Papa delle prime volte” (Francesco, the Pope of the first times) with Gerolamo Fazzini, journalist and expert writer of religious themes, which will present the homonymous book, written with Stefano Femminis, in which the current Pope is portrayed in an original but documented way.
  • 4th July: “Young immigrants of second generation”, in which Rita Bichi, of the Toniolo Institute of the Catholic University and coordinator of the first report on “Second generation migrants”, dialogues with the Senegalese lawyer Pope Abdoulaye Mdoby, first African lawyer of the Forensic Order of Lombardy and with his father Alioune Badara Maharaj, former salesman of lighters.
  • 9th July: Fabio De Ponti will present a preview of the Rimini Meeting, to be held in the Romagna locality from 19th to 25th August 2018 with the slogan “The forces that move the story are the same that make the man happy”.
  • 25th July: Paola Bignardi and Dr. Alessandro Rosina will present the “Youth Report 2018” curated by the Youth Observatory of the Institute of Higher Studies “Giuseppe Toniolo”, which every year carries out a research on the youth universe in Italy.
  • 29th August: The President of the Family Forum Gigi de Palo tells the story of Chiara Corbella Petrillo, died at a young age in 2012 after long-suffering and after having had to participate also in the funeral of two of her three children.

In case of rain, the events will be held at the Parish Auditorium “Al Giovane” in Via Antares 20.

These are instead the appointments at the Parish Church/Arena Parco del Donatore in via Vega, always at 9.15 pm:

  • 11th July: Marco Cerruti, professor at the Institute of Religious Science in Florence, will talk about “Ethics at the wheel: between speed, speedcams and… pure confessions?!” – Parish Auditorium
  • 13th August: Father Alejandro Solalinde, candidate for the Nobel Peace 2017, with Lorenzo Fazzini-director of the publisher EMI as moderator – Arena Parco del Donatore (in case of rain: Parish Auditorium)

For more information on the events and possible variations:

Phone number: +39 0431 43178

The summer in Bibione also in 2018 is therefore not characterized only by relaxation, bathing in the sea and pure fun but also by cultural and religious appointments aimed at a personal and spiritual enrichment. Come and discover them!