The appointments with live music in Bibione go on during the summer 2019 with five appointments entitled “La Musica fa buon Sangue” (music makes good blood).

The appointment is at 9 pm on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, 9th July – Piazza Fontana
  • Thursday, 18th July – Piazza Treviso
  • Tuesday, 13th August – Piazza Fontana
  • Thursday, 22nd August – Piazza Treviso
  • Thursday, 5th September – Piazza Fontana
  • Friday, 13th September – Piazza Fontana.

The five concerts are organized by AVIS AIDO in Bibione, active since 1972 in promoting the culture of blood donation and volunteering on the territory. The institution has already been organizing this calendar of events for several years, and now it is among the fixed appointments of the season in the seaside resort.

So we are waiting for you on the main squares of Bibione, famous meeting points in the heart of the city, maybe after a day of relaxation and fun at the beach… because the fun in Bibione never ends!