In 2018 the festival of colours arrives two times in Bibione: from 3 to 9 pm on the beach of Piazzale Zenith there will be in fact two of the stages of Holi on Tour:

  • Saturday, 2nd June
  • Sunday, 26th August

With 300.000 people in 3 years and more than 80.000 like on the official Facebook page, the most colourful event in Europe and famous throughout the world will enliven the beach of our seaside resort for the whole afternoon until the evening.

The entrance is free.

But the party doesn’t end here! Indeed, it will continue from 11 pm in the official afterparty at:

What is the festival of colours: It is music, it is fun, it is launching of bags of coloured powder, available at the stand with the official merchandising placed within the area of the event. It takes inspiration from one of the oldest Hindu celebrations of the spring season. In India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan there are two days of festivities with singing, dancing and throwing of coloured powder through the streets of the city and the villages, with the lighting of a bonfire that states the victory of good over evil, the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It’s a day during which people can forget all the pain, forgive and all the social classes celebrate together.

But the Holi on Tour is also charity: in collaboration with the href=””>Fondazione Fratelli Dimenticati Onlus of Cittadella (Pd), it finances a project in support of hearing-impaired children of Nandanagar, an Indian village.

For further information about the event and all the FAQ:

Facebook: Holi on Tour

What are you waiting for? Colour your weekend in Bibione too! And if you want to stay in our resort not to miss even a minute of this great party, contact us! We will find the best hotel solution for you!